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September 07, 2012

So now the DemoRats have had their turn. They used it to bash the selfish successful individuals & lectured us about fairness, compassion & a benevolent, all-powerful big government without which us morons couldn't possibly survive. I couldn't stand to watch much of it, but here are some of the lowlights. (click on any of the links below to see either the speeches themselves, or commentary thereon.

Day one reached its pinnacle (hit rock bottom?) when our first lady implored us to give her husband 4 more years to Fundamentally Transform America into a European Socialist state because she loves him & he's a nice guy who cares. Tell that to the 23 million unemployed!

Day 2 had a few significant events:

First the 'Rats decided God & Jerusalem don't belong in the party platform. Then in the face of Republican attacks & mounting backlash from Jewish donors, 0bummer - in typical leading from behind fashion - "personally intervened" & voilla!, the convention's chairman rams through platform changes, (which of course were "The One's opinions all along), in spite of the obvious Democratic objections

Next, Sandra Fluke, (the 30 year old law student who thinks its her right that you to pay for her contraceptives), ratcheted up the volume on the supposed Republican War On Women. Oh, the irony. By glorifying Ted (Chappaquiddick) Kennedy the day before & giving Bill ("I did not have sexual relations with that woman") Clinton the keynote address, the Dems elevated the only people to have caused actual casualties in that war - with Kennedy having its only confirmed kill.

Then Elizabeth Warren spent her time calling for more government spending & trashing Wall Street & CEOs - you know, the people who create jobs - while conveniently failing to mention the record millions in campaign contributions both she and her Messiah raked in from those very demons.

Finally, Clinton tried to convince America that - despite all the evidence to the contrary - "of course" we are better off than we were 4 years ago (the private economy's doing fine?) These guys must be big Marx Brothers fans - "Who you gonna believe, me or your own eyes?" - Chico Marx (Duck Soup)

It all reached its climax (or was that Chris Matthews?) when our Liar-In-Chief descended from on high to deliver the same soaring rhetoric we've heard time & time before. Filled with the same empty promises he failed to deliver on in the last 4 years. Completely ignoring utter failure his policies have wrought on our economy which have disproportionately devestated the poor & middle income folks he purports to stand for. Calling for more "Investments" in "Roads & Bridges" - like the 6% of the $850B stimulus (borrowed from China) that didn't go to his bundler buddies. Taking credit for the few bright spots - like increased Natural Gas production - that flourished on private land in spite of the EPA's efforts to shut it down. Lying about his Foreign Policy "successes" (yeah, he reluctantly gave the "bold" order for the Navy Seals to take out Bin Laden), where our allies don't trust us, our enemies laugh at us, the Muslim Brotherhood is taking over the Middle East, & Iran daily threatens the very existance of Israel with a looming nuclear holocaust. Reasserting ever-increasing Government Bureaucracy as the answer to everything. Urging us to look "Forward" because if we look back & judge him on his miserable record of failure, he's done. If you have the stomach for it, watch this speech. See if you can get through it without vomiting, pointing out every lie he tells & getting fired up to defeat this dirtbag in November.

Apparently, we're all just too stupid to realize the magnificence of his O-ness, says Frank Fleming in, The First Term of Obama Has Been a Failure... of America.

I just can't take all the B.S. any more. We need a break. Here's a list of 689 Reasons to Defeat Barack Obama

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