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June 20, 2014

The situation in Iraq has gone straight to hell. ISIS jihadi savages are committing mass executions & are now targeting Iraqi Christians. So what's President Clueless gonna do? While the world burned, he took several days to golf & dither about it, then our foreign policy genius decided that a Saigon-like embassy evacuation was in order, and he's sending 300 "military advisors" and asking his old buddies in Iran for help. Here's an interesting suggestion - Let Them Kill Each Other.

Congressional investigators are fuming over a totally ludicrous claim by the IRS that the subpoenaed Lois Lerner emails that were "safely stored offline" & that they were required by Federal law to print out, have been conveniently lost due to a hard drive crash. This blatant obstruction of justice won't hold up because we know where the "lost" IRS emails are. Rep Steve Stockman asked the NSA to turn over all the data they have on Lerner's email accounts. Here's 10 things the incompetent buffoon Dave Camp should do right now to handle the missing IRS emails.

Then, just as The One needed another diversion, the chief Benghazi Attack suspect, who's given several media interviews and has been hiding in plain sight for almost 2 years, was been captured. How convenient....CIA chief in Pakistan exposed, 5 top Taliban terrorists traded for a traitor, the Mid East in flames due to pathetic foreign policy, IRS emails lost...but look, Obama caught this guy single-handed just like Bin Laden. Timing is everything. Here's a story from a Benghazi pilot declaring the 4 dead Americans could have been saved. You must check out this Amazing video by Bill Whittle called, Why Benghazi Matters.

The kidnapping of the three Israeli teens last week has brought out the usual compassion from the Religion of Peace. The Palestinian "peace partners" celebrated the heinous act, while officials from Islamic Jihad called for more kidnappings and Hamas called for another Intifada. SOS (POS?) Kerry mouthed the right words calling it "a despicable terrorist act", but of course Barack Hussein (the Muslim call to prayer is one of the prettiest sounds on Earth) Obama hasn't made a public statement on the matter. 

95% of the endless surge of illegal immigrants - including many well-fed, gangster types - streaming across the Mexican border say they came because of Obama's Amnesty promise. This De Facto Amnesty is swamping Border Patrol Agents, creating an out of control disaster. As our President claims that our nation's future depends on these "Dream Kids" & Genius Joe Biden calls for an "unrelenting stream" of migrants to bolster the economy, Obama has created a nightmare for the country. Now ICE is sending planeloads of illegals to Boston, and they're overwhelming the systems in NYC, where yet another genius, State Sen. Rivera, wants to pass legislation to let them vote. You just can't make this stuff up, folks.

On the lighter side, it was a bad week for She-Who-Would-Be-King. Hill's been appearing at bookstores, news outlets and dry cleaners across the country hawking her book - which is bombing so badly she'll have to blame it on a YouTube video.Check out how one "fan" ambushed her. Then with her popularity numbers already in free-fall, this Hill-arious tape surfaced of her yukking it up recalling how she freed a child rapist.

NY is going to legalize medical marijuana - we might just need to be stoned to survive with the news these days.

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- Marcus Tullius Cicero (106-43 BC)


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-- Ronald Reagan

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