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October 03, 2014

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     And so it begins - Ebola has arrived in the US. A mere 2 weeks after his CDC speech in Atlanta, Obama has been proven completely wrong about the deadly virus. Apparently, the chances of it coming here aren't "extremely low" & his promised "increased screening at airports so that someone with the virus doesn't get on a plane for the U.S.",  (which the CDC says can't be done), has failed. The same Regime that banned flights to Israel in true PC fashion won't ban flights from disease-ridden Liberia. CDC head Tom Frieden told us "there is no need to panic" and lauds the global coalition fighting this epidemic because "we are all connected by the air we breathe" - even though Ebola has never been transmissible through the air before. More than a bit scary, don't you think? BTW, here's Sen. Barry the hypocrite, ripping Bush in 2005 for not being prepared for the much less virulent avian flu.
     Speaking of hypocrisy, remember this summer when the regime said Gaza civilian casualties were "appalling, horrifying & indefensible"? Apparently, Obama has suspended his own policy against civilian casualties for ISIS attacks, resulting in many innocent deaths. And from the media? Crickets.
     Sunday Barry was on 60 Minutes  blaming James Clapper & the Intelligence community at large -  basically everyone but himself - for underestimating ISIS. This after several reports citing warnings from high-ranking officials spanning seven years  and one showing he missed 60% of his daily security briefings. Per Allen West, Leaders take responsibility, they don't take credit. From All The Right Snark: It's really astounding how a guy whose favorite words in the English language are "I", "Me" and "My" suddenly refers to those in his administration as "They". You see, it isn't Obama's fault that the US was caught asleep at the switch when it comes to ISIS. He didn't underestimate them. "They" did. Trying to step over Obama's lies in this interview is like trying to navigate the backyard of someone who owns six dogs. It's impossible to make it through even a 90 second clip without stepping squarely on a pile of crap.

     Last week in addition to ISIS targets, we attacked something called the Khorosan Group that represented an "imminent threat" to the US. Turns out The Khorosan Group Does Not Exist - it is merely a made up name for senior Al Qaeda leadership to keep up the charade that "core Al Qaeda has been decimated." 
  Obama gave a pathetic address to the UN General Assembly Sunday, as usual he blamed America for all the world's ills. In this video, Bill Whittle says Obama has become a sad caricature - Bush-Lite - same taste, less effective. If you want to hear what a real leader sounds like, listen to Netanyahu delivering a concise, clear call for the world to stand up to Iran & the Radical Islamic threat
     Last week, terrorism hit the heartland. In Oklahoma, a radical Islamic convert beheaded one woman  & brutally stabbed another before being shot by an armed citizen. Just like Ft. Hood, the regime is ignoring all the militant Islamic ties and classifying it as "workplace violence." 
  Per Ollie North, Obama won't name the real enemy...Radical Islam. And check out this article for the next time you hear that Progressive Moral Equivalence crap about Christianity & the Crusades.
     After numerous security debacles by the Secret Service, the White House pulled the fastest about face ever, first asserting they have the full confidence in, and just hours later announcing the resignation of its director, Julia Pierson.
     Finally, while we're saying goodbye, here are 2 great videos, one an ad from Americans For Shared Prosperity urging women to say adios to Obama's friends in Congress & another from Andrew Klavan, taking a farewell look at the career of America's chief law officer - Eric Holder: Federal Dick.

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