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January 16, 2015

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     40 world leaders linked arms at a massive anti-terror rally in Paris Sunday with the notable exception of our own Where's Waldo, but then the term "leader" doesn't really apply to Khalid Sheikh Obama, does it? Check out this link #ReasonsObamaMissedFranceRally to see some of the more pressing issues he was most likely dealing with. For once, it wasn't just patriots like our newly-elected Congressman Lee Zeldin asking "Where was my president?" His usual allies in the lapdog media eviscerated him for snubbing the rally. Here's a clip from Jon Stewart ripping him a new one. But let's be honest here. He missed the shindig for the same reason why he & his minions twist themselves into pretzels to avoid discussing the Radical Islamic war on Western Civilization. He told us in Bill Ayers's...er...his book, "I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction." Well, it's getting ugly out there and our President is standing with America's enemies.

     Just yesterday counter-terrorism raids on ISIS-linked Jihadis thwarted a potential "Belgian Charlie Hebdo style attack. Wednesday, an ISIS sympathizer was arrested for plotting a terror assault on the US Capitol. Over the weekend, Boko Haram's radical Islamic Jihadist Army destroyed the city of Baga, Nigeria, brutally slaughtering 2,000 women, children & elderly. ISIS is reportedly expanding control over Syrian territory. French Jews are fleeing to Israel as Anti-Semitism is on the rise all over the world. We have Islamic terrorist training camps here in the US.
     Finally a few brave Muslim voices like
Egyptian President El-Sissi are calling for purging Islam of the extremist ideas of intolerance & violence and the mayor of Rotterdam who told fellow Muslims who don't appreciate the freedoms of the West to "pack your bags and F*** off. Barack Hussein, on the other hand, has decided to fight journalists who publish anti-Jihad articles & in what Rudy Guliani said was Obama's craziest move ever, he released 5 Yemeni terror suspects - all with ties to Al Qaeda - from Guantanamo Bay. For those of you keeping score at home, the radical Islamic terrorists lost three players in Paris last week but picked up five from Barry this week - putting them ahead on the scoreboard by two.

Also this week:
*  It's looking like
Romney will run again - in case you missed it last week, here's a great video from 2012 on why he lostRoger Simon's advice for Mitt applies to the whole GOP field - since we have no leader now, whoever seriously wants the job should step up and BE THE PRESIDENT NOW

*   Check out Trey Gowdy's floor speech on stopping Obama's executive Amnesty.
In a blatant attempt to change the subject from his miserable policies our Marxist-In-Chief is trying to buy back Millennials' support by giving them "Free" College. As the classic saying goes, if you think it's expensive now, wait till it's free!
ISIS just happened to hack CENTCOM's social media accounts exactly while Obama was announcing his new CyberSecurity legislation - How Convenient
*  Josh Ernest said that Obama knows how to run small businesses better than the business owners. Well isn't that special?
*    Expect bigger pens & badder phones from next week's SOTU address.
*  Everywhere we turn in the media we hear the lie that the Obama economy is in recovery - here's how to destroy that myth.
*  I leave you with 2 great videos. One serious, one hilarious. Watch Bill Whittle's:
E Pluribus Unim: Multiculturalism Caused The Paris Attacks & Andrew Klavan's: Should Waterboarding Be An Olympic Sport?

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