"Do you want to know who you are? Don't ask. Act! Action will delineate and define you." -- Thomas Jefferson
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April 17, 2015

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   Rubio & Clinton announced for President this week. For me it was brutal narrowing down hundreds of great memes ridiculing her laughable new logo & the pathetic resurrection of the "Scooby Van", to this short list. No matter what you think of Rubio, (personally, I'm not sold), the contrast between his passionate, optimistic announcement speech & Pantsuit's vapid "I want to be your champion" video and her "spontaneous" Chipotle visit with "everyday people", was striking. The Hillaryous mocking began Saturday with this great SNL skit and these clever posters of 13 the words journalists aren't supposed to use, but this looks like the best strategy to defeat her. Expect the Left to go all out to crush Rubio and viciously attack Ted Cruz. If either gets the nomination, he could neutralize their "you hate Hillary because of the War on Women" crap with a War on Hispanics, and that's all they have
  Yesterday people around the globe
commemorated Yom HaShoah, or Holocaust Rememberance Day. Each year in Israel, the entire country pauses to remember the horrors of the Holocaust and honor those who fought against it. It is particularly compelling this year after an unprecedented 400% rise in antisemitic incidents in 2014, Iran's massive arming of Hezbollah for an assault on Israel and Obama's "Smart Diplomacy" guaranteeing Iran gets the bomb. For his part, B Hussein put on a frowny face long enough to read a few platitudes off a teleprompter. Lest you think this is just an Israeli or European problem, the FBI disrupted the 3rd terrorist plot in 3 weeks, two Commack, NY kids came to school in Auschwitz tee shirts and Mexican authorities confirmed the existence of an ISIS camp a few miles from El Paso, along with plans to attack the US. These are perilous times, my friends.
   Just when you thought 
Congress had FINALLY stood up to Obama  with the vote to force Barry to give them some say on the Iran deal - not so fast. Listen to Mark Levin's take on the Corker Bill. Per The Great One, the Senate capitulated completely to Obama, gutting their own constitutional duty to approve treaties. Now "Obama can make a treaty with the Islamo-Nazis in Iran without submitting it to the Senate and the Senate can only stop it if they can get enough votes against it."
   Isn't it interesting how
BO always seems to find time when he's abroad to criticize the US? In Panama over the weekend, Obama got on his high horse and lectured Congress for questioning his beloved deal with Iran. Then The Destroyer declared the Monroe Doctrine - a key US foreign policy in effect since 1823 - dead and apologized for America's "meddling" in Latin America. Next he had Cuba removed from the State Sponsor of Terror list, which was ironically followed the very next day by a deadly attack in Columbia - by a Cuban sponsored terror group. You just can't make this stuff up. Check out Daniel Pipes's piece, Decoding the Obama Doctrine.
   Finally, as if his foreign affairs disasters weren't enough,
just when you thought the Obama economy can't get any worse, it's getting a lot worse. If all this "wonderful" news is getting you depressed, my advice to you is to start drinking heavy!

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