"Do you want to know who you are? Don't ask. Act! Action will delineate and define you." -- Thomas Jefferson
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April 24, 2015

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   If you ever wondered how ISIS succeeds in recruiting young people around the world, look no further than Wednesday's talk by Pamela Geller on Free Speech at Brooklyn College - or as she called it, the Brooklyn Zoo. It was disgusting to see these young Fascists praise god at the mention of ISIS atrocities & shout down a genocide survivor. To quote Pamela, "From the moment I began to speak, the Muslim students were cackling and catcalling with Jew-hating remarks and jeers. It wasn't the belly of the beast. It was the beast's colon. "
   It was another rough week for Hillary as she dodged questions arising from the devastating new book, Clinton Cash, which is shining a light on shady - and Constitutionally banned - pay for play deals involving the Clinton Foundation, (otherwise known as the Clinton Piggy Bank). Check out this video detailing how as SOS she approved a deal allowing Putin to control 20% of the US's Uranium after a $2M donation to the CF, and this article showing how donor cash influenced her stance on a Columbian trade deal. And here's another case where Hill was caught with her Pantssuit down for not reporting CF donations from foreign governments. Don't miss this hilarious video of her campaign manager explaining their strategy.
   Wednesday was Earth Day - the annual event (founded by a deranged murderer) when Enviro-Marxist hypocrites like Obama rack up huge carbon footprints and generate massive piles of trash - while lecturing us about saving the planet. Since we all want to leave a clean and healthy environment for our children, you'll be glad to read that their doomsday predictions are nonsense and, in fact, the state of our planet is better than ever. Finally, here is some great ammunition for you to confront the drones with: 22 ways to think about the climate change debate.
   Gee wouldn't it be great 
if we had a Republican majority in the Senate to give the American people a chance to combat the Obama agenda? Instead we got 10 RINO turncoats joining with their Democrat masters in confirming Loretta Lynch - who supports Obama's unconstitutional, illegal executive amnesty. It's like the 2014 midterms never happened. While the idiots in the GOP leadership turn their back on the American people & do Obama's bidding, at least there is one person listening to us. Watch Ted Cruz urging his colleagues to oppose her nomination
   Remember those rumors that Obama is gay? This week his regime forced patriotic ROTC cadets to wear (absolutely fabulous) bright red high heels and followed that up by pushing the Marines to lower their standards of physical excellence and endurance so more girls could qualify. After all, who's to say that it's better to be able to carry a wounded comrade to safety rather than just having a good cry? (just sayin').
   Yesterday, even as a Gazan rocket landed in southern Israel for the first time in months, Israelis celebrated their 67th Independence Day. It was an epic anniversary for those of us who believe Israel is Ground Zero in our fight to save the world from the barbarism marching across the globe under the banner of the Crescent. 
   Proving that some agencies can actually show fiscal responsibility in DC, the IRS is receiving Congressional attention for their thrifty decision to gut their customer service budget. Sure it meant that their previously horrible customer service actually descended into being "abysmal," but with the cash saved, the agency was able to give generous bonuses to employees who showed special skill and initiative in mission-critical tasks like destroying hard-drives and conducting union activity.
   Finally, let's keep this goodwill going with an inspiring Open Letter To Conservative Activists and a great piece by Kurt Schlichter on why Sexy Conservatives Will Out-Breed Barren Liberals.

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