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May 15, 2015

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   Last Friday, NYPD Officer Brian Moore was laid to rest following his senseless murder. Thousands attended his funeral yet Obama - who sent 3 officials to Freddie Gray's funeral - ignored it. Instead, that day the regime announced it was investigating the Baltimore police dept for racism. The next day 2 more cops were gunned down in cold blood in Mississippi. There's an ugly narrative from the Left making heroes of thugs and villains of cops. That there's a "lack of trust" between minority communities & the police. A "lack of trust" - fomented by Barack Obama - that gets police killed, with officer shootings up 89% in 2014. There's no better time to reflect on this than National Police Week. Watch as hundreds marched Wed in support of our local police and held a candlelight vigil at the NYPD 105th precinct, home of the late officer Moore.
   Remember when 
George Stephanopoulos declared during an interview with Clinton Cash author Peter Schweizer that there was no "smoking gun" against the Clintons? Guess what he didn't declare - a smoking gun aimed at Georgie's own credibility - that he donated $50K - Oops, I mean $75K to the Clinton Foundation. Nothing like non-biased reporting, huh? Meanwhile, the Silence of the Cankles continues as Hillary remains MIA while more sleaze came to light - Hill's State Dept. fast-tracked approval of Slick Willie's multi-million dollar speeches.
   Last month Bloomberg's Mark Halperin gave a cringe-worthy interview in which he tried to "de-Hispanify" Ted Cruz. It was so bad even Liberal rags defended Cruz & Halperin was forced to issue a half-assed apology. In reaction, Cruz brilliantly took the high road, showing himself to be a giant compared to the Lilliputian "journalist." Jeb had a rough week. First he declared he wouldn't reverse Obama's illegal immigration actions because we should "show respect" to illegals, then he gave 4 different answers in 3 days on Iraq. For a breath of fresh air check out Scott Walker's powerful speech at the SC Freedom Summit.
   What if
Obama gave a summit and nobody came? The One just got dissed big time by 4 countries as their leaders blew off his Camp David charade. In the end Obama offered no defense pact & issued an "absolutely pathetic" statement to reassure the Gulf states the U.S. stands "ready to work" with them to "determine what actions may be appropriate" if they come under the "threat of such aggression" from the Iranians. Wow. Such tough talk must have the Ayatollah shaking in his sandals!
   There was a tragic
Amtrack crash this week killing 8 and wounding hundreds. The Left immediately began exploiting the crash and condemning the GOP even as the victims lay dying, blaming the lack of infrastructure for the disaster and, of course, calling for more government spending. Subsequent investigations have shown the train was going twice the speed limit, and a system that might  have prevented the crash, was already installed. But never let a crisis go to waste, right?
   Our Agitator-In-Chief was at it again,
calling for more wealth redistribution and blaming Fox News for stirring up resentment against the poor. He dismissed successful businessmen as "Society's Lottery Winners." Not to be outdone, Mooch used a commencement address to whine about how she & Barack are treated. One wonders if she took a Waaaaambulance to Tuskegee instead of her limo.
   When 2 assasins with AK47's came after a roomful of cartoonists standing for free speech in Texas, the media took the side of the terroristsI The NY Times peered into Pamela Geller's heart & found it fill of hate. How dare she get targeted by terrorists bent on committing mass murder? How can any civilized person think "there are times when it is 'understandable' that people would slaughter others because of a cartoon?" Here are 6 reasons why Pamela Geller's draw Muhammad cartoon contest is No Different Than Selma. Real Americans must Speak Free or Die. People say Pamela "provoked" the Jihadis, but they were already looking for targets to hit. Without her extensive security, many people would have died - in Garland or somewhere else in America. Instead 2 jihadis are dead and a terrorist network has been uncovered. Pamela & her colleagues are now marked for life & must take extraordinary & enormously costly measures to protect themselves. If you support her stand showing the world that violence, murder & threats will not win, you can strike a blow for freedom & give what you can at her website: PamelaGeller.com

"The left likes to remind everyone about the limitations to free speech, often saying that the 1st amendment doesn't allow someone to yell "fire" in a crowded theater. Pamela Geller is yelling "fire" because the theater is on fire. The Left just sits there, breathing in the smoke, indicting her, looking down their soot covered noses." -- BIFFURHAT-IOTWreport.com

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Blame the people who hail him when he speaks in the Forum of the "new wonderful good society" which shall now be Rome's, interpreted to mean "more money, more ease, more security, and more living fatly at the expense of the industrious".

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