"Do you want to know who you are? Don't ask. Act! Action will delineate and define you." -- Thomas Jefferson
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June 12, 2015

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   Considering the latest "racial incident" in McKinney TX, and what's going on in Baltimore, Ferguson, etc., I think it's time to reprise some classic great advice from  Chris Rock on 'How not to get your A** kicked by the Police
   Two months ago I predicted
the Leftstream Media would try to destroy Rubio & Cruz so their their phony GOP War On Women wouldn't be neutralized by a DEM War On Hispanics. This week in a move so lame even Jon Stewart had to mock it, the NY Times fingered Rubio as Public Enemy Number One with the shocking revelation that he (4) and his wife (13) received 17 traffic tickets since 1997. Next came the bombshell that (like most Americans) the Rubios struggled financially in their twenties with student loans & a mortgage - Oh, The Horror! Finally, they declared Marco totally irresponsible because (after paying off his loans) he used 10% of a book advance to buy a "luxury speedboat" - which turned out to be a 24' fishing boat! I hear Rubio tears the tags off his mattresses, too!
   With all these bombshells, of course the NYT ignored insignificant new reports on how
 the Clintons paid off the very same NYT back in 2008 to endorse her and that the CF received $26M to ease Iran sanctions. Meanwhile, with Hillary's favorability now below that of Syphilis, she tried ginning up her base with that old, reliable Voter ID canard. Guaranteed everyone listening to Shrillary had to show ID get in. Check out this brutal Fiorina ad slamming Her ThighnessTitles Are Not Accomplishments.
   As the TPA fast-track vote draws near,
ugly details are emerging  about the underlying Trans-Pacific Partnership. According to Sen. Jeff Sessions, it "cedes American sovereignty to foreign and global interests". Rep. Duncan Hunter expressed concerns that it creates a "Living Agreement authority", allowing the President to change it without authorization from Congress. A recent WikiLeaks document dump about the secretive Obamatrade agreement raises questions about giving the President free reign over matters of illegal immigration. Even Obama admitted that enforcing climate change regulations is part of the TPP. And talk about strange bedfellows. It's "GOP Leadership" that's pushing their members to give these powers to Obama in their own, "you have to pass it to see what's in it" moment, and Elizabeth Warren & big unions that are fighting it. All I know is when it comes to secret bills & expanded government authority,  I agree with Groucho - Whatever It Is, I'm Against It!
   As ISIS savagery rages across the Mid East & North Africa, amid reports confirming they captured 86 Lybian Christians and detailing their barbarous treatment of womenour brilliant Muslim-Brother-In-Chief  announced that he STILL has no strategy for dealing with the JV team taking over the region.
Obama giving his WEAKly address on the 71st anniversary of D-Day, he didn't bother to mention it, so instead here is a great article by Allen West on real courage & the classic speech by Ronald Reagan from 1984 commemorating the 40th anniversary.  This week was also the 48th anniversary of Israel's 1967 War for survival. As many of its core issues remain in the news today, to provide context, it's worth Remembering The Six-Day War.
   Let's end with a laugh. H
ere are 3 hysterical commercials for a real product called Poo-pourri:   Girls Don't Poop,     Second Hand Stink & lastly,    Even Santa Poops.

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