"Do you want to know who you are? Don't ask. Act! Action will delineate and define you." -- Thomas Jefferson
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June 19, 2015

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    What's happened in Charleston is beyond words, beyond humanity. Thankfully, the monster responsible, Dylan Roof, is in custody.  At this grievous time, our thoughts and prayers should be with the families of the victims, but predictably, the politicization has begun. Obama reacted by calling for gun restrictions and lying that the US is the only country with mass murders, but none of his proposals would have prevented the bloodshed. As a previously arrested felon, Roof was already barred from legally possessing a gun. One survivor recounted how he reloaded his gun 5 times during the rampage. Per SC law, churches are "gun-free zones" and tragically, 92% of all US mass killings happen in such locations. But have no fear, America, Al Sharpton is on his way to Charleston - I'm sure that'll help the situation.
  On a happier note,
what could be funnier than a white chick, who was posing as a black chick resigning as a chapter President of the National Association for the Advancement of Corrupt People after being outed by her parents? Maybe that the faux black woman, Rachel Dolezal sued Howard University claiming they discriminated against her because she was white? Or perhaps that Ms. Incognegro said white author Tim Wise had no right to speak about racial issues and called for boycotting films where white actors play black African roles? Of course loonies like the ever-classy Melissa Harris Perry gave her a pass because, uh, she "identifies as Black" and used brown crayons or something. In view of this Rush Limbaugh declared, "I officially today announce that I identify as skinny...in the old days, people's reaction would be to call me delusional...Today I'm brave." Maybe it's me. When I was a kid, I drew myself as a stick figure. Oddly enough, I never did identify with a twig
   I caught 
Evan Sayet's amazing show Sunday, and he's 100% right, the modern Liberal is morally and intellectually retarded to the level of a five year old child.
   So, did you miss Obama in a pantsuit's dazzling campaign redo speech? Apparently lots of people missed it, especially in Iowa, where a pathetic 5 people showed up for a "watch party." Personally, I couldn't bear it, but her platform can be summed up as: "You haven't done Marxism until you've done it in heels." Her best line had to be: "we have to stop the endless flow of secret, unaccountable money." Think she meant all that Clinton Cash stashed away in the Virgin Islands?
   Well, it's official,
Jeb! (don't say Bush), has thrown his sombrero into the race. Considering his stances on Common Core, Amnesty, and his feelings on eliminating government departments, the question is, for which party? Bill Whittle's right, the last thing we need is a Clinton or Bush Dynasty.
Prominent businessman and Clinton donor - The Donald - also announced he was throwing his hair into the ring. Never underestimate Trump. He may be a Liberal anti-gun clown but he has a solid history of Conservatism going back many weeks, and people did get excited by his speech. Then again, after Jeb! - a guy lacking the wattage to fire up an easy bake oven - you can understand why some got fired up (pun intended) by Trump. Check out a real Conservative, Carly Fiorina taking the "center seat" on Special Report with Bret Baier. She was impressive.
   In other news, in spite of 
growing evidence of a worldwide cooling trend, the first Marxist Pope ever called for a radical transformation of our world to confront climate change and, speaking of crazy, the GOP led House voted to give Obama unchecked power to negotiate the super-secret 12-nation TPP trade deal yesterday. Why would Boehner trust the Semi-Socialist/Globalist/Liar Obama to represent us in binding international trade talks? What does the NSA have on him?
   Finally, while all eyes were on the 2016 race,
Obama just released 6 more terrorists from Gitmo, including 2 of Bin Laden's bodyguards and Barry the Destroyer got back to community organizing by launching a war on the suburbs, announcing regulations "to diversify America's wealthier neighborhoods." As Allen West wrote, Obamahood sounds like Communism to me. Jan 20, 2017 can't come soon enough.  

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