"Do you want to know who you are? Don't ask. Act! Action will delineate and define you." -- Thomas Jefferson
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July 17, 2015

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   Well, it's official. Tuesday Obama announced his catastrophic deal with Iran which, per Hope n' Change, forces the terrorism-exporting, always-lying nation not only to pinky-swear that they will stop developing nuclear weapons, but also cross their hearts & promise not to cheat this time. In return, all we have to do is remove all economic sanctions from Iran, immediately ship them tens of billions of dollars, allow them to keep enriching nuclear materials and continue development of ballistic missiles and weapons systems. Oh yeah, we also have agreed to let them work on their nuclear hobbies without fear of sudden unwanted inspections, allow them to keep supporting and exporting worldwide terror and calling for the destruction of the U.S. and Israel. Unsurprisingly, our now-former allies in Israel are less enthusiastic about the deal, with one official saying it represents, "a historic surrender by the West to the axis of evil headed by Iran." In response, Obama has assured Israel that "if you like your existence on the map, you can keep it." 
It's time to call Obama & Kerry what they are: Traitors for agreeing to what Netanyahu called, "A Bad Mistake of Historic Proportions." But team Obama didn't just cave to Iran on every issue, they even promised to teach them to thwart Israeli threats to its nuclear programIf you're anywhere near NY Wednesday, July 22, I urge you to join me at a rally in Times Square at 5:30 to send a clear message to Washington to Stop a Nuclear Iran Now!
   Four Marines were murdered by an American Jihadi yesterday in military gun-free zone in Chatanooga, TN. As usual, Obama ignored the shooter's classic Radical Muslim profile, promising a "thorough and prompt investigation" which, (surprise), will be run by a DOJ official who previously vowed to criminalize criticism of Islam. Unfortunately, the enemy is among us and we will see more of these incidents - it's time to stop the madness & arm our Armed Forces to protect themselves and us from them. This is what happens when you allow a malignant ideology to fester - it spreads throughout the body. They are at war with the West and we better start fighting it. It's pretty clear which side Barack Hussein is on!
   A gruesome undercover video surfaced this week of an abortion doctor and Planned Parenthood executive describing the selling of fetal body parts. Hannibal Lecter ain't got nothing on the wine-sipping butchers at PP. Putting aside the abortion issue itself for a moment, it takes a special kind of monster to brag about the best ways to dismember the unborn while eating lunch. While GOP candidates blasted PP and called for investigations, the DemoRats were silent on the matter, PP tried to spin it as "a humanitarian undertaking", and the Libmedia attacked the video as merely an "inflamatory piece of propaganda". Imagine their outrage if those were puppy livers PP was selling! 
   Remember when our POS-POTUS wouldn't shut up about the deaths of thugs Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown & Freddie Gray? Well his silence on Katherine Steinle's sensless murder at the hands of an illegal alien is deafening. When his DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson was asked if the Administration had reached out to the Steinle family, his response was, "to who?" The miserable bastard had no idea who she was! Apparently in their world, ONLY Black Lives Matter.
   Finally, on the campaign trail this week: Scott Walker announced he's in and for my money, this guy could actually win - because he fights. In Wisconsin Walker's uncompromising Conservative governance caused the Dems & the Unions to throw everything they had at him and he beat them. When Communist-thug, AFL-CIO Pres. Trumka calls you "a national disgrace", you know you must be doing something right. Speaking of fighters, check out this video of Ted Cruz going a few rounds with Katie Couric.  And then there's Trump. Personally, I'm not sold on the Donald, but for all his faults, he is resonating because he isn't ignoring the Ignored Majority. That and he makes the Enslaved Press play by his rules. We can no longer be content to just be right - tactics matter. It's about time our side starts playing by the new rules!

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