"Do you want to know who you are? Don't ask. Act! Action will delineate and define you." -- Thomas Jefferson
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August 14, 2015

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   The email story just keeps getting worse for Hillary. Turns out she lied again (who'd have thunk it, right?). The FBI found TOP SECRET information in the tiny fraction of her emails thus far provided to them - you know, the classified stuff she swore never, ever, not once. never, pinky-swear EVER saw the inside of her private server. Apparently, that now depends on what the definition of "marked" is. While we should have no illusions the Feds will find anything on her long since scrubbed server or that Obama's Dept. of INJustice would prosecute her for violating at least 2 Federal laws governing the handling of classified material, politically, it's radioactive. Those weren't just ordinary secrets they found - they were the most classified material the US government has & she has no answers to these key questions. Instead, she's applying her usual HILL (Hit back, Ignore, Lecture, Lie)  method for scandal survival. Stay tuned, folks.
   Unlike many of you, I'm no fan of The Donald. While I like his style, I just can't get past his support for Planned Parenthood or that he thinks single-payer healthcare works incredibly well or that he would give non-criminal illegal aliens legal status. But whether you think Megyn Kelly should be fired or Trump made a crack about her being on the rag, I'm guessing Obama is laughing his ass off. While we're busy insulting at each other, we're losing sight of our mission to stop his Marxist fundamental transformation. We're Conservatives - we can't fall for this Cult of Personality crap. We're all angry, but this isn't about WHO we should support - it's about WHAT we should support. We need to believe in ideas, not politicians. There's too much pro-Trump and anti-Trump venom. Can't we all agree we don't like Jeb?
   Elsewhere on the campaign front, did you see where 
Black Lives Matters protesters booted Bernie Sanders off a rally stage & then others interrupted a Jeb Bush Town Hall event? Also, check out Ted Cruz's speech at the Red State gathering last Saturday in which he listed the 5 things he'd do on his first day in the Oval Office.
Obama's humiliating capitulation to the Iranian mullahs becomes a dangerous reality, reports have surfaced of secret negotiations Kerry held with Ahmadinejad back in 2011, acknowledging Teheran's "right to enrich uranium" & showing just how much Obama lied to us about the whole situation. Proving once again that Barry is much tougher on Congress than our Iranian enemies, Team Obama has been attacking Jewish senators & congressmen over the Iran deal, questioning their loyalty and hurling old, anti-Semitic canards. Isn't it ironic that a man who said he would stand with the Muslims if the political winds would shift in an ugly direction is accusing Jewish members of Congress of having dual allegiance to both the US & Israel? Even if that nonsense were true, at least they'd have some allegiance to America - unlike Barack Hussein who just this week sided with Palestinian terrorists in court over their American victims. And don't buy their act that they're upset with Sen. Schumer for opposing the deal. This is all just well choreographed theater where Chucky Cheese was ALLOWED to come out against the deal - AFTER the regime knew full well they had enough support to prevent a veto override on the resolution of disapproval. 
Center for Medical Progress released a 6th Planned Parenthood video featuring a whistleblower who details their organ harvesting process. She describes the lack of care for PP patients and their illegal practice of harvesting fetal organs without patient consent. In response the Regime threatened states that have defunded PP.
   The one year anniversary of the Ferguson riots was
marked by more looting and gunfire as one teenager - who was caught on video firing a gun at police - was shot. In a bit of poetic justice, when a local alderman provided refuge from the gunfire to a few "innocent protesters", they robbed him! Apparently, they weren't there to commemorate the death of Michael Brown so much as the anniversary of free stuff from the Quik Stop. This seems like a good time to reprise Chris Rock's classic, How to not get your A$$ kicked by the police
    Finally, "I'm from the government and I'm here to help" took on new meaning in Colorado this week when 
an EPA cleanup crew destroyed an entire river. In an effort to clean up a long defunct gold mine, the EPA geniuses (accidentally?) dumped millions of gallons of a toxic stew into the Animus river which flowed on to both the San Juan & Colorado rivers, creating an environmental and PR catastrophe. Yes, my friends, these are the idiots who want to save our environment from the weather.

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