"Do you want to know who you are? Don't ask. Act! Action will delineate and define you." -- Thomas Jefferson
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September 04, 2015

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   This week saw an escalation in Obama's & the Left's War On Cops. In Houston, Sherriff's deputy Darren Goforth was killed execution style while pumping gas.  In Illinois, Police Lt. Joe Gliniewicz was assasinated by 3 men who are still on the run. The political differences on these murders could not be more stark. The Democrats attack police, vilify them as racists and declare solidarity with thugs who incite riots, murder and chaos. The DNC officially endorsed the radical Black power militants, who are openly calling for the murder of police officers. Ted Cruz & Scott Walker placed the blame where it belongs. Cruz said, "we're seeing the manifestation of rhetoric and vilification of law enforcement, of police, that is coming from the president of the United States."  Per Scott Walker's Op-ed, "Over the last 6 years...Instead of hope and change, we've seen racial tensions worsen and a tendency to use law enforcement as a scapegoat." And where is the man who unleashed the monsters who believe it's open season on police? He's in Alaska appearing on a reality TV show to talk about the single greatest threat to all mankind: the weather. That and unconstitutionally renaming Mt. McKinley to Denali in defiance of a duly-enacted Congressional law. But who needs Congress when you've got a pen, right? If the mountain won't go to Muhammed...
   Looks like
it's time to start digging the bomb shelter - Obama got the votes for his disastrous Iran nuke deal. Despite overwhelming public opposition to it, the dire warnings of 200 admirals and generals, and Iran steadfastly insisting the US is their number 1 enemy and vowing to violate UN restrictions on ballistic missiles, Democratic traitors have put their party before national security and brought us to the point of no return.  Thanks to the GOP's Congressional pro-Israel theater - Senator Corker's bill abdicating Congress's role in ratifying treaties - the deal cannot be defeated. For once Obama is right about something - the threat of global warming has just increased exponentially - things have gotten much hotter for Israel and across the Middle East
   Here's a shocker.
More Clinton lies were exposed in the latest document dump. Seems she sent and solicited classified material on her personal email server, after all. Contrary to the Enemedia's BS, there is a smoking gun! Of course her campaign regurgitated her latest lame excuse that "they weren't classified at the time" - except that's not true, either. She intentionally originated and distributed highly classified information and she definitely knew good and well her emails would be classified. As Andrew McCarthy explains, as SOS, Hillary Clinton's emails were born classified. Paging Joe Biden.
   Meanwhile, on the campaign trail, it looks like
Jeb! is in free fall, which is not surprising since apparently his strategy was to lock up the money and sneer at actual GOP voters while pandering to Latinos on immigration. Nonetheless, he unleashed a new ad attacking Trump for his Liberal policies called, The Real Donald Trump, which was immediately countered by Trump's ad attacking Bush for his stance on immigration. And check out Ted Cruz's funny video attacking Hillary, Clinton Fatigue.
   Many of you know that as a Tea Party activist, I have a problem with many of Trump's positions and statements. While I can see some things I admire about the Donald, I don't see how people who believe in the Constitution, fiscal sanity and free markets can support a long time Liberal who was pals with Al Sharpton and thinks that Nancy Pelosi is "the greatest."  I invite those of you who support Trump to explain it to me - and please don't proffer the "Reagan evolved, too" nonsense - comparing Trump to Reagan should be a slappable offense.  Convince me what makes you think Trump will stand up for your core beliefs. Like our POS president, I'm all ears!

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