"Do you want to know who you are? Don't ask. Act! Action will delineate and define you." -- Thomas Jefferson
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September 25, 2015

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   Quelle Surprise! Obama showed total disrespect for the Pope - and Christians worldwide - by transforming the Pontiff's visit to the White House this week into a politicized cattle call for gays, transgenders & radical pro-abortion nuns. If a well known Muslim cleric were visiting, think our POS-POTUS would force him to meet with this crazy conga line of freaks? No way. Unfortunately, while in DC Pope Francis' Left side was on full display as he spoke mostly about wealth redistribution and the Climate Change scam. Per Michael Reagan, for Catholics the Pope has the last word on matters of faith, but he's out of his league when it comes to politics & economics. Marco Rubio explained how his comments show a fundamental misunderstanding about the difference between free enterprise and corporatism. Regardless, his mostly political speech to Congress cleared up the contradiction of how Godless Lefties could love him.
Liberals lie because the truth repels them like work repels a Democrat. Remember last week's Islamo-FAUX-bia story about clock kid? Well, some real engineers looked a little closer at his "home made clock" and found out the whole thing was a complete fraud. It was merely a commercial bedside alarm clock removed from its casing brought to school to create a reaction by the son of a belligerent Muslim activist, who's sister was once suspended from school for threatening to blow it up. And now poor little Ahmed is sooo upset by his ordeal that he isn't eating or sleeping and wants to go to a different school. Maybe he should try clock making school, where he might actually learn how to "invent" one that doesn't require money to purchase it from Radio Shack.
   On the campaign trail,
union leaders rejoiced as Scott Walker dropped out of the race; Carly Fiorina - the supposedly "outsider" grassroots Conservative - is surging in the polls after last week's debate; Ted Cruz called out feckless GOP "leadership" for their "Surrender Politics"; the LibMedia lost their collective minds when Ben Carson said he wouldn't support a Muslim President; and we might be witnessing The Last Days of Hillary Clinton as reportedly the FBI has recovered work-related emails she deleted from her personal server.
   And then there's Trump. His week began when
one of his supporters referred to Barack Hussein as a Muslim and - horror of horrors! - the Donald laughed it off instead of immediately declaring that Barry is a Christian and, in all likelihood, the Second Coming. Trump's tough guy stance was short lived, however, as by week's end, he was pulling an Obama and whining about Fox News because "they were treating him unfairly." He demanded an apology for Rich Lowry's comment that Fiorina had "cut his balls off" at the debate. Then he resorted to his usual name calling, and finally called for the FCC to fine Lowry, which is ridiculous since they don't even regulate cable TV. Is this the same guy who claims to hate people who are politically correct? The Trumpalumpas immediately took to Twitter to vigorously defend him. Short of pulling a Greg Stilson, it's hard to imagine anything Captain Combover could do to dissuade them at this point. As far as I'm concerned, All these clowns are full of it - except this guy: Gil Fulbright for President. 
   Finally, during the Yankee game the other night, Ron Guidry told of Yogi being unhappy about going to CA to sho
ot an "Affliction" commercial. It took him a while before he realized Yogi meant Aflac. On the way back from the airport, he made sure to tell him "you know that damn duck doesn't really talk." And here's another Berra classic. As Yogi himslf might have said, it's sad that so many famous people are dying but nobody famous is being born.

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