"Do you want to know who you are? Don't ask. Act! Action will delineate and define you." -- Thomas Jefferson
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November 06, 2015

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   Many of us watching the Rape of Sweeden and the destruction of Western Civilization in Europe by the hordes of angry Refu-Jihadi invaders may be less aware that the US is being overrun as well. Wednesday I attended a presentation by Ann Corcoran, (Editor of Refugee Resettlement Watch), and Frank Gaffney, (President of the Center for Security Policy), on the  demographic fundamental transformation of our country that is currently under way. I strongly urge you to watch this video of the event: Refugee Resettlement: Changing America One Town At A Time and get involved before it's too late.
Last week's CNBC debate was historic - It was the moment the GOP finally stood up and fought back against the slobbering bias of the Enslaved Press. For decades, the MSM has swung elections in the Dem-o-Rat's favor and the GOP said nothing...until Ted Cruz actually did something about it! Of course the Libs immediately called them crybabies for fighting back, but just imagine their reaction if Hillary had to face off with Hannity, Levin & Whittle! And then there's Barry, our clueless pansy POTUS - the guy who can't stop bitching about FOX News - he just couldn't resist mocking the candidates in his usual smug way. Hello pot, meet kettle. Here are the top 5 times Obama whined about media.
   Tuesday was election day and 
Conservatives scored big victories from coast to coast. Tea Party Republican Matt Bevin won a big upset for Governor of KY. VA's state senate held. Ohio voters rejected legalized pot. In Houston, voters crushed the ridiculously named HERO referendum that would have permitted a tiny minority of delusional people to use the bathroom of their choice. Even uber-Liberal San Francisco's pro-sanctuary city Sheriff was soundly defeated. The GOP now has total or partial control in 76% of the country. If the Democrats had any sense, (a contradiction in terms, I know), they would be terrified by what yesterday's election results could mean for 2016.
   So what's Jeb!'s solution to try and resurrect his moribund Presidential campaign? A 
pathetic new slogan - Jeb Can Fix It! Like that's gonna make us forget all the reasons he has given us why he should not be the GOP nominee. It's time for the least charismatic Bush - and that's saying something - to bow out of the race and spend the rest of his life not being President. Just Go Away, Jeb, Preferably Mad.
   Sunday began the
3rd open enrollment period for the Unaffordable Care Act and sticker shock is setting in as premiums are rising as high as 66% in some places! The only reason any healthy people are signing up at all is because of the steep new penalties for 2016. Many of Obamacare's failures came early as "if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor", "it will save the average family $2500 a year" and  it will add "not one dime" to the deficit, were immediately exposed for the lies we knew they were. Now it appears Obamacare may be in it's death throes. Let's pray for a Republican POTUS to put it out of OUR MISERY!
   Now that
Barry announced he's sending special ops to Syria, just to remind us that he's a consistent lying sack-of-s#!t, here's a montage of 15 times Obama said he would not put American boots on the ground there. Not to be out-weaseled, here's Hillary from 2 weeks ago declaring she was against putting boots on the ground in Syria, and then last Monday, supporting doing that very thing.  
   Finally, for sheer entertainment value, watch as
Ted Cruz eviscerates Associate AG nominee Stuart Delery on Operation Chokepoint

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