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December 25, 2015

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   Now that the culture war has reached a new low where idiot Liberals, (but I repeat myself), want to ban White Christmas, (because it's racist, don't you know), it's more important than ever to Say Merry Christmas Not Happy Holidays! In that spirit, to all my friends I present The Amazing Grace Christmas House. And here are some of the greatest Christmas stories, told by the man who once read Green Eggs and Ham on the Senate floor, Cruz Christmas Classics. To my many wonderful friends I want to wish all the joys of the season - I know you'll enjoy President Reagan's wonderful 1981 Christmas Address. Here's hoping 2016 will be the year where America rejects Obama's disastrous fundamental transformation and sets our republic back on the path towards Liberty, Free Markets & the Constitution.
The DemocRATS held a stealthy primary debate in the dark of night this past Saturday. When the highlight of the evening is Hillary coming back late from a commercial break because she was still doing pee pee, you know you've got problems. The progressive Three Stooges basically spent the night promising to give away a ton of "free" stuff, make the rich pay more taxes and saying the Republicans suck. In the process, Hillary gave the GOP 3 Christmas gifts by insisting our ISIS strategy is working, admitting Obamacare has "a few glitches", and she - who told us Benghazi was only a movie review with artillery - proclaimed ISIS is using Trump in recruitment videos. Not only was this latest lie instantly debunked by even the LibMedia, but in the sweetest of ironies, a new ISIS recruitment video was indeed found, sans Trump, featuring her former fornicator-in-chief husband, Bill Clinton. It's stories like these that the word "Shadenfreude" was invented for.
   Shrillary and her lackeys in the Enemedia went apoplectic this week when
the Donald said she got "shlonged" by Obama in 2008. Oy Gevalt. Such a fuss. It's sexist. It's misogynistic. It's racist. It's obscene and inappropriate. It's also Bulls#!t. It's just Hillary playing the victim again. Turns out it doesn't even mean "she was screwed" as many thought. Two veteran reporters - including one from the NY Times - confirmed that "I got schlonged" is a commonplace way in NY politics of saying "I lost big time." The whole thing is just more howling and complaining by the nudniks in the media who have to turn everything Trump says into some great megillah!
   Sure as day follows after night, the attacks on Ted Cruz have stepped up following his recent rise in the polls. First there was 
Chuck Schumer's buddy Rubio, lying that Cruz - who vehemently opposed the Gang of 8 Amnesty bill - actually supported it. Watch Jeff Sessions - the undisputed leader of the epic battle against it - describe the facts on Rubio, Cruz and Immigration. Then there was Politico's "devastating, secret tape" of Cruz at a private fundraiser, "double-talking" about gay marriage - except he repeated word for word what he said publicly on Leno & Colbert. And you know you've arrived when MSLSD's barking dog Chris Matthews declares you an "enemy of the state." Lastly there was the award-winning WaPo cartoonist depicting Cruz's daughters as monkeys. Imagine the outrage if that were Sasha & Malia?
   In a pathetic attempt to try & make himself relevant, Michael Moore dragged his fat ass over to Trump Tower and held up a "We Are All Muslim" protest sign. What is so profoundly stupid about it is - to quote Barrack Hussein - that this what ISIS & all the Jihadis want. Convert or die. Period. And Moore wants to identify with these monsters? Sorry, tubby, I am not a Muslim. And considering your girth, I'd lay odds you've eaten more than your fair share of bacon, so neither are you!
   Finally, I'm sure you heard that
this year's Miss Universe pageant hit a bit of a snag when host Steve Harvey - who really had only one job the entire night - screwed it up royally by  announcing the wrong lady the winner. Trump must have sold the pageant to the government because Harvey was immediately rewarded for his colossal blunder  with a massive contract to host it for the next several years.


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