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January 13, 2017

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Well folks, we've come a long way since that dreadful day almost 8 years ago. Our long national nightmare is almost over. We're just 7 days away from fundamentally RESTORING the United States of America. Despite Barry's disastrous legacy of failure, we're still here - bruised and battered, but still breathing. The Freeloader-In-Chief will finally be vacating the People's House next week & it'll be a Good Riddance. But Barack Obama - who's been partying in our house for 8 years - much like the classic SNL skit The Thing That Wouldn't Leave, isn't picking up on our subtle message that he should just get the hell out, already. Our Messianic Messenger of "Yes We Can" couldn't possibly descend from his lofty perch without one last over-the-top, self-congratulating speech, boasting of his many "accomplishments." Not that I watched it, of course. At this point, everything about him - his haughtily uplifted chin, sneering arrogance, monomaniacal self-absorption, and lecturing tone of voice - sickens me and raises my blood pressure to dangerous levels. And I'm not about to risk an aneurysm with only a week to go. Definitely not before Trump repeals Obamacare.
Speaking of "Oh, STFU"... The unwatchable circle jerk full of self-pity, self-congratulations and boredom that is the Golden Globe Awards was even worse than anticipated this year. Naturally it was replete with condescending, passive agressive attacks on Donald Trump and all the stupid, racist Americans who elected him. It all came to a head when Meryl Streep took the stage and in one six minute self-pitying tirade, managed to out-victim Michele Obama. (Who knew that was possible?) But let's be honest. The people in Hollywood are better than we are. Our celebrity overlords know how our lives should run. Without them lecturing, how would we know not to go on a hate crime spree after the latest IslamoFascist terrorist attack? Without them pontificating we'd all be horrible bigots, pummeling gay people at every turn. How could we possibly survive without their moral superiority? Very well, thank you very much! And now that the normals have awoken from their comas and revolted against the tyranny of the so-called experts, America's elite - that collection of puffed up mediocrities who until recently held the undisputed command of the heights of our politics and culture - is in crisis. So here is a Special Message to the Predictable, Self-Important Hollywood Celebrities.
Turning the page, it looks like Trump Derangement Syndrome has reached a fever pitch at CNN. In their ongoing mission to destroy The Donald, CNN decided to run with a completely made up, bizarre story involving Trump, Russia, prostitutes & "golden showers" (I kid you not), which was fabricated by a member of a chatboard to punk #NeverTrumper Rick Wilson last fall. Wilson, wanting to believe any negative news about Trump, actually sent it to the CIA. Of course, only a moron would believe such crap but BuzzFeed fell for it & CNN gave it legs. The sweet irony of this is how the Presstitutes' "Fake News" narrative has completely unraveled around them. After being so spectacularly suckered by this insane hoax, the likelihood that CNN will ever regain it's reputation is now zero. The fact that the CIA included this bit of fiction in their "intelligence" report on Russia means that either they're populated by idiots or they are so politically partisan that they'll do anything to smear the incoming president. Neither conclusion is particularly comforting. But Donald Trump's reaction was Epic!
     Trump held his first press conference since November the day after Barry's "I am the greatest" speech. Before the thrill could travel the length of Chris Matthews's leg, with assistance from the aforementioned idiocy from CNN, Barry was completely upstaged & his transcendent oratory was history. The most entertaining part was watching Trump handle the reporters. They tried every dirty tactic in their bag of tricks to nail Trump to the wall, but he was the guy holding the hammer. Trump excoriated the "intelligence" agencies for the disgraceful release of the obviously false and defamatory claptrap. He called Buzzfeed "a failing pile of garbage" for writing it & called out CNN for "going out of their way to build it up." Next came the Epic Smackdown. When CNN's Jim Acosta jumped up and repeatedly demanded to ask a question in response, Trump refused to allow it, saying "You are not going to get a question. You are fake news." I was not a Trump guy. From what I've seen so far I have high hopes, not expectations. But one thing is certain, the Celebrity Apprentice Presidency is sure to be extraordinarily entertaining.

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