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March 10, 2017

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   This week, after years of empty, useless GOP rhetoric, we learned what they really meant was: If you like your Obamacare, you can keep your Obamacare. Last Monday Speaker Paul Rino revealed his "Repeal & Replace" bill which neither repeals or replaces Obamacare. I can't say I'm surprised, but it seems the only thing we can count on more than there being no stupider people than republicans is the fact that there is noone more cowardly than republicans. For 6 years we've sent these surrender monkeys to D.C. with one mission - to put a stake in the heart of this Socialist monstrosity. In 2010, when the Tea Party Movement gave them the House they said they couldn't because "they only controlled 1/2 of 1/3 of the government." Then we gave them control of the Senate and they whined that they were powerless without  the White House. So now that they finally have that, too, what do they do? They give us RINO-Care: A more insolvent version of Obamacare - except this time GOP will own it.
   Listen up you morons. As angry parents have been known to say to their unruly children, "we brought you into this world and we can damn sure take you out." We want Obamacare dead. We don't want a zombie sequel operating under the same flawed premises and using the same central planning approach that permanently enshrines yet another unaffordable entitlement. We're serious, but you aren't listening. You better. Because we're all watching, and if you have to be ritually sacrificed on the primary ballot box we're totally good with that. You are politically expendable. Remove your heads from your collective asses - which is where I assume you pulled this plan from - and start doing what we damn well sent you to Washington to do. This is the big one. Stop screwing up.

   The week began with a firestorm with Pres. Trump accusing the Obama administration of wiretapping his campaign with ill intent and the Democrats and their allies in the sycophantic Enemedia screaming in unison that he has "no evidence." Here's the Great One, Mark Levin destroying the Enslaved Press's narrative regarding the alleged spying on the Trump team. Personally, I find it entirely likely that there would be an effort by the flagrantly corrupt Obama administration to abuse power in order to undermine our election process and potentially take down a sitting President of the United States. And if true, it's the sort of thing which not only demands criminal investigation and prosecution, but suggests that there might be an important secondary use for Trump's wall involving blindfolds.
   The whole question of whether Trump was wiretapped has just been upended by the latest release of secret documents from Wikileaks. The whole "Russian hacking" story has been rendered moot by the revelation that the CIA has a program called UMBRAGE which not only allows them to hack computers, but to make it look like the hacking was done by someone else. Like, oh, Russia. It also turns out that "wiretapping" is soooo last century (which is perhaps why Obama's spokespersons are happy to specifically deny wiretapping) and that the CIA (among others) has the cyber tools to spy on anyone without any need for tapping wires, bugging phones, or planting microphones by remotely activating pretty much every phone, smartphone, computer, or smart TV in your home, car, or workplace without you knowing it. Thanks to the "embed bugs" surrounding us, no one is safe from stealth surveillance except the Amish. Which is why if you don't make a regular practice of raising barns, you should be raising hell.
   Finally, Progressives declared last Wednesday to be "A Day Without A Woman" -  encouraging women to walk out of their jobs, turn their backs on their families, and angrily declare once and for all that pussy hats should be taken seriously. Once again, we were subjected to protests about women's sacred right to be really angry about something or other, approximately one month after their last protest about the same thing. Which suggests that hormones may be involved in the timing, although no man without a death wish is going to say so out loud. Will the fabric of America be torn asunder by the protests and, if so, who will do the sewing afterwards? A tough question which we definitely won't voice during the big "I Shouldn't Have To Tell You What You Did Wrong" women's march approximately 28 days from now.

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