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March 24, 2017

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Lots of (mostly) bad news, this week, so the rant is a long one. Sorry.
   Nothing says "Monday" quite like the threat of imminent nuclear destruction from North Korea's Pillsbury Dough Boy of Death Kim Jong-un who declared that if a "single bullet is fired" by U.S. forces in Korea, they will nuke us into oblivion. Even with a famously calm, cautious, and cool-headed President like Donald Trump delicately handling the crisis, it is still a little bit worrisome to contemplate his desire to wreak havoc on our nation. Especially since he could quite possibly pull it off, thanks to our old friends Bill and Hillary Clinton. As you may recall back in 1996, Bill struck a controversial deal (for hefty campaign donations) to let the Loral Corporation sell advanced missile guidance technology to China, who promptly sold it to the lunatics running North Korea - a terrifying and entirely predictable outcome which the Clintons didn't give a flying damn about as long as their illicit checks cleared. Some things never change.

   Among life's many unfathomable mysteries, one of the most perplexing is "why the hell is James Comey still director of the FBI?!" Tuesday Comey testified that there's no evidence whatsoever that Russia hacked the election or attempted to influence the election any more than they've been attempting for decades. However, the man who downgraded treasonous security breaches to "extreme carelessness" when Hillary snapped her fingers, was perfectly willing to announce that his agency (at the insistence of Democrats) is actively investigating any ties between Russia and Trump's campaign...even though there may not be any. Comey is a self-interested political hack who has destroyed the credibility of the FBI. For the good of the country Trump should appoint a new director to the FBI as soon as possible. And to prove there are no hard feelings, he should appoint Comey to be director of the STFU.
  Grandstanding Democrats on the Judiciary Committee made complete fools out of themselves during the Gorsuch SCOTUS confirmation hearings this week. For days these morons displayed their worst arguments and nonsensical views regarding the Constitution, federal law, and the supremacy of their feelings and their left-wing agenda. Here are five gloriously embarrassing moments from Democrats at Tuesday's hearings. Of course it was all a pathetic show. None of those clowns give the hairy ass of a rat how Judge Gorsuch answered any of their questions. They will oppose him, regardless. They've spent the last month or so trying to portray him as some kind of evil mouth-breather. But Gorsuch is so amenable and patient, so honest and direct, it makes their caricature look all the more laughable. Compared to Dianne Feinstein, Dick Durbin and the rest of the Democrat Senators, Judge Gorsuch comes off as a man of integrity in a sea of mindless nitwits. Perhaps he was doing his usual preening for the camera, but yesterday, before the hearings were even over, Schmucky Schumer coinfirmed that they were a charade and that he & his fellow Jackasses will filibuster Gorsuch's nomination. If true, McConnell will be under great pressure to take a page from Harry Reid and Kim Jong-Un and "Go Nuclear."
    President Trump was 100% vindicated on the wiretapping claim this week when House Intel Chair Devin Nunes confirmed that members of Trump's transition team, as well as possibly Donald Trump himself, were under surveillance by the American government AFTER his election in November. For weeks now, the Enemedia and the Democrats have been ridiculing and mocking Trump for his allegation that the Obama Administration surveilled him. He has no evidence! Trump should apologize to President Obama! And how are they responding now that there is proof? How else? They want shoot the messenger, demanding an investigation of Nunes. How dare he prove Trump right! The truth is, the Enslaved Media doesn't want to get to the bottom of this story -- not because they don't believe it, but because they don't want us to know what really happened.
   Another week, another brutal terrorist attack on innocent people brought to you by the Religion of Peace. Four people were killed and 40 severely injured by a rabid Jihadi in London, but I believe ISIS and their ilk aren't our biggest problem. We could rid ourselves of these vermin quickly if we had the will to do so. What's harder to defeat is the suicidal, death-cult, liberal elite that wants us all to die together in the name of multiculturalism. After an attack last September, London Mayor Sadiq Khan said "terrorist attacks are now part and parcel of living in a major city." His response to this latest barbarism was to say "we've shown in the past we're resilient; we've shown them we're not going to cower. So we're going to show them that again today." How inspiring. But what good is not cowering when you won't do a damn thing to stop them? A war is being waged against the West & until we recognize that fact, there will be more blood of innocents spilling onto the streets. You cannot win a war you aren't willing to fight.

   PM Theresa May spoke to Parliament declaring, "we are not afraid and our resolve will never waver in the face of terrorism." With all due respect to Prime Minister May, this is not a war of words. I am so sick and tired of Western politicians waxing philosophically about "our values," as May did: "Those values, free speech, liberty, human rights and the rule of law are embodied here in this place but they are shared by free people around the world." You know what else is a value held by free people? The right to defend yourself against an enemy that wants to kill you. Until Western Europe wakes up and realizes it is at war, no amount of flowery speeches and heartfelt words about "our values" will make a damn bit of difference.
   Thursday May made it crystal-freaking-clear that she has no intention of doing anything of substance to combat radical Islamic terror. Parliament -- the very target of Wednesday's terrorist attack -- was quick to demand that PM May dispel the notion that this attack had anything to do with Islam, which she happily obliged, saying "it is wrong to describe this as 'Islamic terrorism.' It is 'Islamist terrorism.' It is a perversion of a great faith." When the very people targeted by this terrorist are more concerned with playing semantics than they are combatting a hateful ideology that seeks to destroy the West, they've effectively surrendered. And clearly all this breathless appeasement has made absolutely no difference. Britain has been doing it for years. But did it do one thing to prevent yesterday's attack? No. Khalid Masood still drove his car into pedestrians. He still killed four people. And he still gravely injured forty more. Bending over backwards to prove how politically correct you are didn't change one single thing.

   Guess it's time to revisit Andrew Klavan's classic video, How To Behave After An Islamic Massacre. Next, here's some great advice on what to do when you find out you're dating an anti-gun Liberal. Finally, check out this awesome clip for all you beleaguered mass transit riders who've sometimes felt you could get where you going faster on foot, watch Man Vs. Train.

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