"Do you want to know who you are? Don't ask. Act! Action will delineate and define you." -- Thomas Jefferson
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March 31, 2017

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   Paul Ryan's "Keep the Lobbyists Happy and Pretend it's Repeal" bill died this week, and the Democrats wasted no time wooo-hooing and high-fiving. It's amazing these idiots actually believe this hybrid Frankenstein monster bill failed because of their efforts. The truth is Paul Ryan should walk around Congress for the next couple of weeks wearing a sign around his neck that reads, "I am a failure." This fiasco demonstrated his complete inability to master the most basic competencies of his job, proving himself a worthy successor to John Boehner as the GOP's biggest obstacle to victory. 
   Here's how healthcare should have gone, Paully. Starting the morning of November 9th, you should have orchestrated an inclusive effort to create a bill based on a consensus that incorporated every stakeholder  - the transition team, the Freedom Caucus, the squishes, the think tanks, and most vitally, the Senate. Once you had something everyone agreed on -- and 216 sure votes in the House and 51 in the Senate -- you all appear with the Prez in front of the cameras to announce it. Then you pass it and win. Instead, you and your cronies drafted it in secret in some dark room somewhere with no input anyone and emerged saying, "Surprise! Here's a steaming pile of garbage! Vote for it because I want you to!" Yeah, no. Congrats, Paul RYNO! That's how you manage to garner a 17% approval rating for a plan to repeal something that is about as popular as herpes. 
   The sad reality is most Republicans are conservatives only at election time. For 7 years they said they'd repeal Obamacare just as soon as they had the ability to do so. Now that they can, we learn that their rhetoric about "repealing Obamacare and replacing it with a free market solution" meant replacing one federally managed, top-down monstrosity with another. No thanks. How about replacing it with what the Constitution allows for: nothing. Pass Mo Brooks's Obamacare Repeal Act, a one-line bill which purges all traces of this turkey, "as if such Act had not been enacted."  It's time for Republicans to put up or shut up. No seat in Congress belongs to anyone currently occupying it, and conviction-less GOP cowards should be booted out if they don't keep their word. 
   By now, you're likely aware that Chuck Schumer intends to mount an anti-Gorsuch filibuster, betting that the Republicans won't have the nerve or the votes to invoke the Reid Rule and end it with the "nuclear option." Now that it appears Mitch McConman may actually grow a pair and pull the trigger, it's time to Nuke 'Em Till They Glow. Thank you, Harry Reid! You'll never know how much we appreciate you taking time away from your bizarre relationship with your NordicTrack dominatrix to instigate your glorious Reid Rule and thereby surrender the one tool Schumer and his band of merry losers had to derail the oncoming train that is a yugely conservative SCOTUS. 
   But this is more than just about the filibuster getting filibusted. Somewhere along the line, the left decided that judges were a convenient shortcut to avoid the unpleasant hassle of actually passing laws through the legislative process. It's not about justice, it's about raw power -- power that they shouldn't have, but do. It's not how we would want it, but the Libfacists made these rules and we must beat them at their own game. We're done with these double standards. 
   Republicans need to ram Neil Gorsuch and every other nominee for an open seat on the federal bench right down the Democrats' collective craw. Perhaps some suffering will change their perspective and encourage them to walk back from the abyss of a politicized judiciary. But if not, that's fine too. Our first choice is a neutral judiciary; our second choice is an explicitly conservative one. There is no third. It's time to be ruthless. Time to win. If it's all about raw power, then let them know what raw power feels like. We have it. They don't. Too bad. Let the battle cry sound fourth across this land! Hiroshima! Nagasaki! Gorsuch!
  If all this nuclear talk has left you a bit high strung, how about a nice afternoon of psycho-ballistic therapy. Finally, Pssst, wanna buy a used rocket? SpaceX made history yesterday by successfully launching a previously used Falcon 9 rocket to put a communications satellite into a geosynchronous orbit. Very cool.

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