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May 12, 2017

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    How Sad. France is done. Over.  Finished.  Fini. Last Sunday, in a huge win for Islam and the EU Globalists, France chose to go quietly into the cold, dark night, electing Emmanuel Macron - a pro-Islamist, pro-EU, anti-France politician, to be their next President. Instead of rising up against the Jihad and Islamization of their homeland, they chose to submit to the most brutal ideology on the face of the Earth. They voted for submission over freedom - by a landslide!. As much as had I hoped the French people would (for once) stand up for themselves, I had this sinking feeling that they wouldn't. At some point, a nation is too far gone to save itself.
  But if you're looking for a silver lining, at least now our butt-hurt Hollywood celebrities have somewhere to go. To Cher, Lena Dunham, Whoopie Goldberg and every other Trump-deranged celebrity: Forget Canada.  Now that Obama's little mini-me is President of France, head on over across the pond and make yourself at home. Sure, there's a downside. Moving to France means having to learn their language. But I wouldn't worry about it. Arabic can't be all that hard.
   Last week, as you know, House Republicans passed the American Health Care Act - a few pathetic baby steps away from the disaster that is Obamacare - which is collapsing. Premiums are soaring, providers are abandoning ship faster than sh!t goes through a goose and millions have lost their coverage. But forget all that. This is Obama's signature domestic achievement. It's his legacy, and that of the Democratic Party, so of course they'll howl like wounded banshees about it. Here's the inevitible The GOP Is Going To Kill Everyone Because Of This compilation.
  Yes, once again, the lifeless bodies of those who fail to buy themselves health insurance will be piled upon the sidewalks, left to be carted away as they were in the dark ages of the '90s and '00s -- no doubt by industrious undocumented workers who should be paid a living wage for performing this job that Americans just won't do. And the Republicans will sit by, watching through their monocles, giggling at this grim tableau of human misery until they grow bored and return to their regularly scheduled agenda of puppy torture and crushing the dreams of young women who want only break the glass ceiling and  be the very best me I can be.  Or something.
   Say what you will about The Donald, but one thing this week's sh!t-canning of FBI Director James (Barney Fife) Comey proves is he's got man parts the size of Trump Tower. You gotta be hardcore to step up to that sanctimonious tool, that Kasich-With-A-Badge, and cut him off at the knees in the face of the inevitable monsoon of fake news media panic, girlish Democrat howling, and sputtering Russianoia. No hesitation. No apologies. When it became inarguable that this pumped up functionary with delusions of omnipotence had finally passed his sell-by date, Trump pulled the trigger. That's taking charge. That's leading from the front. Damn, it's nice to once again have a chief executive who's not a simpering femboy.

  But that's not the best part. President Trump's firing of Comey is the very definition of a twofer: not only did it get rid of an incompetent who was destroying the FBI's credibility, it's also causing a glorious meltdown among the Left's conspiracy theorists. (hint: that's all of them). Comey was, as you may recall, the Democrats' "Public Enemy Number One" for interfering in the coronation of the breathtakingly corrupt woman who (along with the DNC) rigged the primary process to steal the nomination from the lovable old socialist who was spanking her in contest after contest. Which is why Democrats had been screaming for Comey's head right up until the moment that Trump did fire him - at which point they suddenly decided that Comey was actually some kind of Jesus of Justice, and was being crucified for the sin of conducting an investigation into Trump's alleged ties to Russia
  "It's  treason  and a  coup,  and every other over-the-top, moronic accusation they can think of. So while Chuck Schumer, Crazy Maxine Waters, Elizabeth Warren and all the rest spew their faux outrage, most Americans aren't buying it. In fact, they're mocking them. And President Trump is mocking them too. Democrats aren't used to a Republican who slaps down their crocodile tears. And here's the problem. They really have no other weapon in their arsenal, so they just freak out even more. Now tell me you don't find this all kinds of fun.
  I'd like to end this week with two great analyses on the state of our main political parties, both of which are in a battle to determine their future direction. For the Dems, it's a war between The Anti-Social Left vs. The Anti-Economic Left. On the GOP side, the question is, Can Trump Successfully Remodel The Republican Party? Finally, if you think Trump ravaging the Fake News Media is something new, check out this video of The Donald destroying a CNN reporter in 1990.

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