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May 19, 2017

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   Last Sunday was Mother's Day - when most sentient human beings take some time to honor Mom. Black, brown, yellow, white, male, female, Left, Right - we all have a Mother. But still. Some people shouldn't tweet about Mother's Day. Especially if that person is in the business of making sure women don't become mothers. Like, for example, Cecile Richards of Planned Parenthood who tweeted: Nothing says "I love you, Mom" like standing up for the rights of mothers everywhere to get the care they need. Yeah. Nothing says "I love you, Mom" quite like not putting up a fight when she has you vacuumed out of her womb. Now, if Hallmark comes up with a "Thank God I'm not a Mother's Day," fine. Cecile can tweet to her little hearts' content. But until then, why not use the sense God gave a goat and shut the heck up about abortion on Mother's Day.
    This week saw interminable MSM screaming hissy fits over unsubstantiated reports that Donald Trump, noted lunatic, actually held a meeting with disgusting, potentially world-destroying Russian bastards and told them top secret anti-terror information - which has only been widely reported in the world's newspapers since March. This action is apparently the opening of the seventh seal, and the immediate cue for impending Armageddon, impeachment, or yet another humorless SNL skit for Alec "Duck Lips" Baldwin. Owing to the fact that we don't believe anything from the DEMedia these days, we find it very hard to get excited about all of this. Especially since they're strangely silent about when the Obama Regime leaked actual classified information and now ask us to trust their impeccable "anonymous Sources" over a war hero who was actually in the room, Gen. H.R. McMaster, who says it never happened. Not Likely.
   Speaking of the Fake News Media, according to CNN, the Dems finally have what they need to begin impeachment proceedings on Pres. Trump: VanillaGate. Yes, the pathetic Clown News Network got "the scoop" (h/t RG) on Trump's heinous practice of Ice Cream inequality, dedicating an entire segment on how the Donald got an extra helping of dessert. Oh, the Horror! You really HAVE to see this video, because it's almost like SATIRE of CNN....but it's the REAL THING.
   Then there's the never ending Comey clusterfark. The latest pseudo-scandal is that Trump doesn't think Mike Flynn did anything wrong, and told James Comey so back in February - AFTER THE FBI HAD ALREADY CLEARED FLYNN of any criminal wrongdoing weeks prior. Comey did nothing, and said nothing (even when testifying to Congress) for nearly three months, because it was nothing. But now we learn that Comey wrote himself a memo - Sweet Merciful Zeus!! A MEMO!!! - so now Trump's guilty of Obstruction of Justice! (It's adorable when they learn new terms and try to use them correctly; they're so proud of themselves and their vocabulary building that you almost feel bad having to point out that they sound like idiots.) So, if I understand this correctly, Comey was so super-duper concerned that President Trump was trying to interfere with the FBI's investigation - that had already concluded - that he wrote it out in a memo and then did nothing with it. Nothing, that is, until he got fired. Right. You would have to be really stupid to buy this story.  Or a Liberal - but I repeat myself

   Rounding out a week of almost perfect insanity, there's now a "special counsel" looking into Donald Trump's non-involvement in the non-collusion of the non-hacking of the election by Russia. Which, considering the other charges, we're beginning to doubt is even a real nation. And the Enemedia coverage has been like something from another planet. Not since Michael Jackson set his noggin ablaze while shooting a Pepsi commercial have we seen so much "hair on fire" news. Did the Russians hack our election? No. Did they "influence" the result of our election? There's been no evidence of it. Did Trump conspire with Russia to make these non-events happen? Again, there's not a scintilla of evidence.  But you'd never know it from the rabid stories being reported virtually everywhere. In some ways, this phenomenon is like the whole global warming sham - only now, instead of seeing "consensus science" we're seeing "consensus journalism" in which a story without substance or evidence is declared to be incontrovertibly true simply because so many nitwits have agreed to report it.

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