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May 26, 2017

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   This week began with President Trump's finest hours to date in the Mideast, continued with the latest horrific Islamist atrocity in the UK, and ended with the same old garbage from the Fake News Media (FNM) all across the globe.
   Trump's trip to Saudi Arabia yielded major deals on commerce and international security, while projecting an unapologetic aura of (trigger warning to snowflakes!) manliness that we haven't seen in the White House for a long time. There's was a lot more testosterone in the President's statements overseas than has been heard in the last few decades. Obama, as we painfully recall, basically declared that Islam created everything good about Western Civilization, and that the evil, moronic, Bible-clutching simpletons of the US then screwed it all up. Regarding terror, he went with Rev. Wright's assessment that we were to blame for "America's chickens coming home to roost." Trump took a different approach, telling the Muslim world: "Religious leaders must make this absolutely clear: Barbarism will deliver you no glory - piety to evil will bring you no dignity. If you choose the path of terror, your life will be empty, your life will be brief, and your soul will be condemned." Some will complain that there's too much of a men's locker room atmosphere surrounding Trump...but it smells like fresh air to me. 
   Next up was Israel where Trump made history even before arriving, taking the first ever direct flight by an American President from Riyadh to Tel Aviv. It is clear that great work went into ensuring that the optics of this trip would deliver an unmistakable message: the United States and Israel are partners who stand together. As Air Force One touched down, PM Netanyahu and his wife were waiting on the tarmac beside a red carpet to personally welcome President Trump. The handshakes and smiles were genuine, and it was clear that these are two men who know and respect one another. Ahead of a joint press conference, the official White House website posted that the president is in "Jerusalem, Israel," a proclamation that breaks with years of American policy refraining from stating that the Eternal City is part of Israel. Trump's brief remarks concluded with strong words designed to bring the point home: "We love Israel, we respect Israel - the people of the United States of America are with you." After that, Trump had yet another first. He visited the old city of Jerusalem & went to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, which is recognized by Christians as the place where Jesus was crucified. From there he walked to the Western wall of the Temple Mount  - the holiest spot in all of Judaism - which no other President has done while in office. Donning a kippah, Trump went up to the wall, took a moment to reflect, and as is the tradition of some, he stuck a message to God in the wall.
   It is fitting that Trump was meeting with PA President Abbas, the leader of the very people that brought Islamist terrorism to the fore in the modern age, when word came of its latest barbaric eruption that murdered 22 and injured scores more of mostly young girls at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England. How ironic that Pres. Trump would give his powerful statement calling these Islamist scumbags for the Losers that they are and declaring that: "the terrorists and extremists & those who give them aid comfort must be driven out of our society forever," while standing on a dais with the architect of "pay for slay," a Palestinian Authority program that financially rewards terrorists and their families for killing Israelis and Americans.
   And now, in the aftermath of the latest contribution from "The Religion of Peace,"  all the usual suspects are making all the same moronic statements they made in the wake of all the other heinous Islamist attacks. The Katie Perry's of the world tell us "We should all, like, just love one another. And, you know, like coexist! No borders, no boundaries. Just, like Love!" Like, why didn't I think of that?! The few FNM outlets that broke away from their Trump/Russia delusion to bother mentioning the attack, were worse. BBC host Katty Kay said we must "get used to this" and go back to our normal lives because any attempt to defend ourselves against the Death Cult "is what the terrorists want." According to ABC's George Snuffleupagus, the worst thing about the senseless slaughter of innocent children is that it is "likely to inflame anti-Islamic sentiment across Britain." 
   Enough Already! What's it going to take before we stop this assisted suicide? Per Kurt  Schlichter, it's time for Fewer Tears, Fewer Lies, And More Righteous Anger! Enough of changing your Facebook photo to the flag of the abattoir du jour, enough of the candlelight vigils, and enough of the #_____Strong hashtags. Grieving doesn't work. Hugging doesn't work. Cowardice masquerading as enlightened passivity in the face of our enemies doesn't work. Just ask the little girls blown apart in Manchester. There is only one appropriate reaction to the kind of people who strap on bomb vests packed with nails and wait for smiling, laughing tweens to come along before hitting the detonator and ripping their limbs off and tearing their guts out. The only appropriate reaction is righteous fury that turns into a grim determination to exact a retribution upon the bomber's bros so thorough and so comprehensive that in a thousand years the few descendants of the survivors will still terrify their children with the story of the vengeance exacted by the avengers of the West. It's time to get angry. Because we have a right to be angry. Because anger is the first crucial step to fighting back. Because if we can see two dozen little kids blasted to shreds and not get angry, then maybe we deserve to live as the slaves of these 7th century savages.
   Finally, it's Memorial Day weekend. I hope you'll all take at least a few minutes away from your picnics and BBQ's to remember and honor those brave American heroes who gave their last measure of devotion that we might live in relative peace in the greatest country in the history of the world.

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