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June 16, 2017

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   The climate of hate from the Trump-Deranged Left, that has been ratcheting up since before the election, reached the boiling point this week. A psychotic, radical Bernie Sanders supporter opened fire on a group of GOP congressmen - because they were Republicans - who were practicing for a charity baseball game, wounding 5 and landing Rep Steve Scalise the hospital in critical condition. A cursory look into the hate-filled gunman's profile shows he hadn't bothered to hide his political anger from others because he didn't have to. So pervasive are anti-Trump (and Republican and conservative) calls for violence on social media that his many posts and re-posts on the subject didn't strike anyone as out of the ordinary. He was just a needle in a hate stack.
   While the crazed gunman was ultimately responsible for his actions, they didn't happen in a vacuum - his delusions were stoked by violent rhetoric from Hollywood and the EneMedia. Did Wolf Blitzer stop for even a second to reflect on how some nut-job might react when - two days before Inauguration Day - he fantasized on air about what would happen if both Trump and Pence were assassinated? What about Kathy "He broke me" Griffin holding up Trump's bloody, severed head? Or the NYC Shakespeare company staging a modern day retelling of Julius Caesar in which the title character is depicted as President Trump who is graphically and bloodily murdered onstage nightly by knife-wielding maniacs? Or any of the other irresponsible, brainless nitwits in Hollywood who tweet their naked rage to their millions of followers on a daily basis. None of them stopped to consider what all this violent, hateful rhetoric might unleash. And they are all far too self-centered and narcissistic to even care. The Democrat Party and the "Resistance" promised us a "Summer of Rage" and James Hodgkinson just obliged them. We must call for greater civility in public and personal discourse and greater journalistic responsibility in the media, but neither is likely to happen at this point. Because "America's favorite pastime" is now an entirely different ballgame...and I'm afraid that the gunman in Alexandria just threw out the first pitch.
   As sure as the sun rises in the East and sets in the West, whenever some crazed Democrat goes on a violent rampage, (except in black, inner city Chicago or Detroit), the gun grabbers immediately spring into action - demanding their victims be disarmed. It matters not that VA & DC already have tough gun laws or that this was a classic case where a good guy with a gun prevented a massacre. Gov. Terry McAuliffe (Idiot, VA) brought the tired, worn-out talking points to a laughable new low when he declared "we lose 93 million Americans a day to gun violence." Now I'm no Einstein, but if that were true, the whole country would be dead in 3.5 days. In the wake of the shooting, Rep. Mo Brooks was asked by a Lib reporter (is there any other kind?) if he had changed his position on guns - his answer was perfect! In times like these it's always valuable to reprise Bill Whittle's classic Firewall - Number One With a Bullet. It's loaded (see what I did there?) with so many facts on guns as to make Liberal heads explode just from being in range.
   So now with their pathetic Russia collusion narrative in tatters, and with Jeff Sessions's testimony destroying the remaining ludicris Democratic assertions, all that's left of Felonia von Pantsuit's original lie, created to ease the searing pain of her utter rejection, is the establishment's wishcasting that Trump somehow obstructed an investigation of nothing. Which brings up the question, why should we trust special council Bob Mueller? We know is he was a heroic Marine, which is a plus. But he is also a Washington insider, one who just happens to be besties with Comey. Worst of all, the media hacks and politicians tell us we have to trust him. That's pretty close to case closed right there. While the leaks are already pouring from his office and he has filled out his staff with a Clinton Foundation lawyer and big time Hillary donors, the whole charade is probably moot. Per Constitutional authority Alan Dershowitz (no Trump fan he) "The fact that Mueller is opening an investigation on obstruction doesn't answer the two basic questions. One - can a president be indicted while sitting? And two - can a president be indicted for obstruction - which is simply doing his job, being the head of the executive branch?" "I think the answer to both of these questions is still going to be no and no."
   Finally, while we're shattering pathetic Lefty narratives, here's a few developments on the whole Global Warming Hoax. In the wake of Trump pulling us out of the Paris farce - which had nothing to do with climate, and everything to do with economics, globalism and redistribution of wealth - here is a short primer on this criminal shakedown of historic proportions. And here are 58 scientific papers from 2017 alone which dispell the myth that there is any "consensus" on the matter. From the sweet-irony department, check out this piece about the massive Global Warming study that was just cancelled due to unprecedented ice and this video of a giant wind turbine burning up and spewing noxious chemicals into the atmosphere. If you want a definitive argument for those climate alarmists in your life, I point you to Global Warming advocate and pioneer Bjorn Lomborg. Check out his classic Google talk demonstrating that even if you believe in this nonsense, as he does, all the elaborate actions now being considered to stop global warming are too expensive & will have little impact on the world's temperature & alternatives we should be considering instead.

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