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June 23, 2017

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   Last Tuesday was a bad night for the Resistance. Turns out their twenty-three million dollar man wasn't better, stronger or faster. All that money, all that nominal "star power," all the clever hashtags like #VoteYourOssoff and #Flipthe6th - all of it was wasted. How's this for embarrassing? Despite the fact that this was the most expensive House election of all time, Pajama Boy got fewer votes than the GA 6 2016 Dem candidate who spent ZERO DOLLARS! The Donald himself summed it up best, tweeting: "Well, the Special Elections are over and those that want to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN are 5 and O! All the Fake News, all the money spent = 0." I don't know who's more upset. Is it the mainstream news media that went all-in on an Ossoff win as the first big challenge to the Trump agenda? Or Hollywood who once again learned the expensive way that they just aren't as influential on Americans as they think they are. As explained nicely in this series of tweets by a GA 6 resident, people don't like the idea of outsiders who wouldn't step foot in their district haranguing and harassing them to vote for a guy who doesn't even live in it. Democrats are concluding that Jon Ossoff's disappointing loss to Karen Handel means they must move even further left, and reject civility. As if shrieking endlessly about "WOMEN'S HEALTH!!!" and "TAX THE RICH!!!!" and "TRUMP IS HITLER!!!!" and "YOU'RE A RACIST, SEXIST, HOMOPHOBIC, ISLAMOPHOBE!!!!!", represents civility. These idiots have learned absolutely nothing. It thrills me to no end that they think the path to victory lies in being even more obnoxiously Anti-American. At this rate, by the time we get to the 2018 Midterms, they'll have insulted and alienated every American who votes. 
   The Senate released their Trumpcare plan this week and it seems nobody is happy about it. Conservatives see it as a half-assed measure which will suck just a little less than Obamacare, but this time the GOP will own it. The loony Left (redundant, I know) - who jammed the current monstrosity down our throats - is upset because, among other things, it defunds Planned Parenthood. The Enemedia is portraying it as a bill that will save billions in tax dollars for the evil rich by declaring "mass graves for the poor" to be a legitimate medical option.You know it's bad when that obnoxious O-Care architect Gruber gloats that it's basically Obamacare-lite. You can read a summary of the plan here, or if you want to skip the spin, here's a link to the full 200 page text. This is just the initial draft which will undoubtedly change. For now, I just wonder what a double thumbectomy would cost under Trumpcare,  because I know a certain Twitter addict who could really, really use one.
   This week saw two particularly sad events. Saturday we learned of a tragic collision between the Navy destroyer USS Fitzgerald and a container ship off the coast of Japan that killed seven U.S. sailors and injured several more. While the incident is under investigation, it is hard to imagine how something like this could happen given the size of the vessels, the technology available to avoid collisions, and the (relatively) slow speed at which ships move. Monday, we learned that Otto Warmbier - the American college student who spent 15 months in captivity in North Korea after allegedly stealing a poster from a hotel and had just returned to the U.S. - had died from severe brain damage after being in a prolonged coma. President Trump nearly worked a miracle by getting this young man back, but it was too late. Which begs the question - where was Bathhouse Barry while this kid was being tortured and abused by Lil Fat Kim for the last year? Apparently, he was too busy getting men into the women's bathroom to worry about an American held prisoner in North Korea. Our hearts and prayers go out to the Warmbier family and those of our fallen sailors.
   How about ending with a flurry of good news? The SCOTUS dealt a YUGE blow to SJW's everywhere with their landmark decision that "Hate speech" is protected by the First Amendment, and it can also be trademarked and sold. The State Department has opened a formal inquiry into whether Hillary and her aides mishandled classified information. Then there's this report from a Harvard analyst concluding "Bill and Hillary Clinton have committed the largest case of charity fraud in American history" using the Clinton Foundation as a mega slush fund/piggy bank from which to run their corrupt political operation and enrich themselves. Have you seen this incredible display of bravery by a US special forces guy saving an Iraqi girl from ISIS gunfire? How about the Canadian sniper who now holds the record for longest confirmed kill in world history, taking out an ISIS militant from two miles away? 
Finally here's an article about a local Long Island hero. If any of my readers know who the genius was who added 2 letters to the Crooked Hill Rd sign on the Sagtikos Parkway, turning it into Crooked HillaRy, please let me know so I can buy him/her a beer. Brilliant. Just Brilliant.

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