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July 21, 2017

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   This week, the pathetic GOP liars in D.C. reached a new level of fail. Monday, Sen. Majority Leader McConnnell threw in the towel on the Obamacare repeal and replacement bill after Mike Lee and Jerry Moran bailed. Next chinless Mitch announced he'd ask the Senate to vote on the straight repeal bill they'd already passed - and Obama vetoed - in 2015. When several RINOs balked at supporting the bill they'd previously voted for, (now that it's not just a symbolic gesture), that collapsed as well. At that point, Trump announced that his "plan" would be to let Obamacare fail (as it was designed to after destroying the free market health insurance system, thereby leaving fully socialized medicine as the only viable alternative), followed by an about face, where The Donald called out the GOP to prove they haven't been lying to the American people for the last 8 years.
   If all this Obamacare Kabuki Theater tells you anything, it's that Senate Republicans never had any interest in following through on their countless campaign pledges to rid this country of this disaster. Part of it is due to their spineless unwillingness to actually stand for something - but it's more than that. The fact is, the GOP is just as comfortable with an over-bloated, centralized government as the DemocRATs are. The greatest threat to President Trump's agenda doesn't come from the silly Democrat Resistance (LOL). It comes from the Republican Resistance. If you have any doubt of that, check out the House GOP budget plan that ignores most of Trump's proposed budget cuts. Most of the Republicans in Congress are either too cowardly or too enamored with the wealth, power and influence that comes with feeding the Big Government beast. They are the true Resistance to President Trump. Not Chuck Schumer. Not Kamala Harris. Or Maxine Waters. Or any of those clowns. The Republicans are the ones standing in the way.
   Wednesday we got the awful news that 80 year old Sen. John McCain has an extremely aggressive form of brain cancer. While few of us have any love for John McCain and this isn't going to change that, nobody with a heart could wish him such a fate. Let's all hope he uses this as a reason to officially retire immediately and to get well so that he can live out the remainder of his days screaming incoherently at the TV, instead of doing it standing in front of TV cameras whilst screwing up our nation. I'm very sorry that John McCain has cancer.  But I won't be sorry to lose him from the Senate.
   And you thought the suicide rate among people with gender identity disorder was high. That's nothing compared to the suicide rate among those who go after the Clintons. The number of people connected to the Clintons who have ended up "committing suicide" is staggering. And now we can add two more people to the list. Most recently, there is Klaus Eberwein - a Haitian looking into the Clinton Foundation's Haiti Fund scam. He was found dead in Miami Tuesday from an apparent suicide. And then there's Peter W. Smith who had been trying to discover the whereabouts of Hillary Clinton's missing emails. Smith committed suicide in Rochester, Minnesota on May 14, 2017, leaving a very peculiar suicide note. It seems nothing shortens a lifespan quite like tangling with the Clinton Family. No wonder James Comey folded like a cheap suit. The thought of ending up with a bullet in his head from "an apparent suicide" must have made him super queasy.
   Don't look now, but Mad Max Waters may be planning a Presidential run in 2020 and I, for one, really hope she does. Can you imagine how hilarious Maxine would be in the debates? The networks would have to use subtitles so viewers could follow what she was saying. It would be a can't miss spectacle of stupidity. Kid Rock announced that he will be running for some Dem hack's Senate seat in Michigan, and he deserves our eager support for two critical reasons: First, it will drive the liberals insane (a short drive to be sure). Second, it will make George Will and the rest of Team Fredocon soil themselves. Kid Rock would be great change from these lying GOP worms. Sure, maybe he'll "Start an escort service for all the right reasons/And set up shop at the top of Four Seasons," but at least this time we will have elected a pimp instead of another ho. 
Finally, hide your kids, hide your wife because The Juice is Loose. Yesterday, OJ Simpson was granted parole from prison (beginning in October) after going 8 years without trying to decapitate anyone, which is something of a personal best for him. O.J. is now free to resume his life of crime.  Hey, why not.  If Hillary can walk around free, why not O.J.?

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