"Do you want to know who you are? Don't ask. Act! Action will delineate and define you." -- Thomas Jefferson
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July 28, 2017

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   Look no further than The Murder of Charlie Gard by the UK's NHS for proof of the evils of socialized medicine. Despite that and 8 years of GOP promises, this week the Senate - led by the addled POS from Arizona - voted against the Obummercare repeal and replace bill and also shot down the clean repeal they'd passed in 2015. I'd do a joke asking whether cancer is contagious or not, but that would be in bad taste, right? These are the Republicans who voted to save Obamacare. They are hypocrites and liars, and we will not forget their treachery.
   Debbie Blabbermouth Schultz's special IT guy, Imran Awan - whom she has been shielding for months - was arrested Monday while trying to flee to Pakistan. And now that he has been formally charged with bank fraud, Debbie finally terminated the guy. But this is also a national security story. After all, Awan was burrowing into Congressional computers and taking a lookie-loo at information he had no business seeing. And he also destroyed government hard drives which were recovered, abandoned at his former home. But of course, CorruptNN and the rest of the Fake News Media aren't covering it. Afterall, the guy's a Muslim. And he has ties to the Clintons and the babbling Botox queen of San Francisco. The only way CrapNN would care is if he worked for Republicans and his name was Yuri, Mikhail or Nikolay. And don't be surprised if this ends with Imran a victim of a robbery-gone-wrong. Let's face it. You cross the Democrats, and you don't live to tell the tale. Just ask Seth Rich.

   Wednesday President Trump announced the end of Obama's practice of using the American military as a social engineering experiment when he announced that transsexuals would no longer be allowed to join or serve in the military, and the Left is going out of its collective mind over it. This is hatred! Bigotry! Some kind of blatant sexism which is admittedly hard to define! Apparently, serving in the military is now a human right. Suddenly people who have shown nothing but disdain for military service are waxing patriotic about "serving your nation in uniform." Their need to force everyone to play along with the delusions of a small minority of deeply disturbed individuals is nuts. Would it be discrimination to prevent someone from serving if he believes he's Carmen Miranda? Or a Pekinese show dog? Of course not. So why on earth would it be discrimination to bar people who are gender confused? Truth is, the military bars people who are deemed mentally unfit to serve all the time. And sorry science-deniers, but pretending you are a different gender makes you mentally unfit. Here is perhaps the best Twitter thread ever - from an Iraq War vet and wounded warrior - who lays it all out perfectly. And check out Bill Whittle's latest Firewall about the cruelties and consequences of a world where nothing matters except how you feel.
   Let's end with some laughs. The Ass-Party has a pathetic new slogan to try and sell the same warmed-over Marxist clap-trap they've been peddling for 100 years. Obviously, "A Better Deal: Better Skills, Better Jobs, Better Wages" will make us feel all warm and fuzzy about their endless taxing and spending and put an end to their 7 year run of electoral disasters. Sorry, No Sale. Shrillary announced her impending third "memoir" will be called "What Happened." She should have called it, "Here's my latest string of lame excuses for losing." Now, who in their right mind would pay good money to suffer through a ghostwritten memoir replete with bitter, spiteful musings over how Hillary was done wrong? Nobody IN THEIR RIGHT MIND - that's why the Prog-Left will undoubtedly eat it up. Finally, apparently Bernie Sanders believes in redistributing newspaper subscriptions, too. When his neighbor complained to WAPO that his Sunday paper wasn't being delivered, their investigation determined that the decrepit socialist next door had been stealing it. Typical Bernie Sanders. His idea of "free" is somebody else pays for it.

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- Marcus Tullius Cicero (106-43 BC)


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-- Ronald Reagan

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-- Norman Thomas
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