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August 18, 2017

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   All you really need to know about what happened in Charlottesville, VA this weekend is that a racist asshole ran over a bunch of racist assholes who were protesting the protest of yet another group of racist assholes. According to Fake News, though, (and Cat 5 hurricanes wish they had this much spin), what happened was that Donald Trump's enthusiastic embrace of Nazis and the KKK inevitably manifested in a White Power hate rally. And when lovable Leftists peacefully protested, a number of them were deliberately mowed down by the speeding car of a White racist causing one death and many serious injuries.
   Back on planet Earth, however, what really happened was a small group of neo-Nazi scumbags, led by an Obama supporting former Occupy Wall St activist, organized a rally to express their disgusting - yet Constitutionally protected - free speech, over the planned removal of a Robert E. Lee statue. Bus loads of Antifa and BLM thugs showed up looking for a fight. Both sides were armed and ready to rumble. Unsurprisingly, chaos ensued. At one point a 20-year old loser who might be a Nazi-sympathizer drove his car into a crowd at high speed. If it was deliberate, (and there are some conflicting reports on that, too), then he is a terrorist - no more, no less - and should suffer the appropriate consequences. 
   The imbeciles who really are neo-Nazis and White supremacists are despicable, but there aren't that many of them. Happily, inbreeding shortens their life spans. Similarly, the cretins of Antifa and BLM are probably lacking in real numbers, although their influence gets magnified by favorable press coverage and the seemingly endless depth of George Soros's pocketbook. Unfortunately, the Libfacist media continues to create the illusion that the majority of Americans have pledged allegiance to one pinheaded side or the other. They're trying to manufacture a race war, with which to destroy Trump. Nothing that happened in Charlottesville is more sickening, or more frightening, than that.

   In response to this fustercluck, Trump gave a statement condemning "hatred, bigotry and violence on all sides," after which he was immediately attacked by the FNM. How dare he say that ALL violent, racist hate groups are equally bad, and make an apparently unforgivable assertion that he likes to have facts before making broad pronouncements. A wild press conference followed Tuesday where he defended his initial statement and called out the Lamestream media for their vicious attacks. He challenged, "this week it's Lee...when does it stop?...George Washington was a slaveowner, are we going to take down statues of George Washington? How about Thomas Jefferson?" And right on queue, as if to prove there is no depth to which the Left's stupidity won't sink, Baltimore removed 4 Confederate statues in the dark of night, a Chicago pastor called for Washington statues to come down and race pimp extraordinaire, Al Sharpton said the Jefferson Memorial must go. The Left's Orwellian attempt to destroy anything they deem "offensive" has no end and is nothing less than an effort to rework history into some Utopian ideal that never existed and never will.
   The Enemedia despises Trump because he doesn't take their crap like a good little Republican - He Fights - and they can't handle it. Their usual smear tactics are useless against him. The rest of the GOP, however, not so much. Be it current leadership like McConnell and Speaker Ryan, or losers Romney, McCain & Rubio, they all endorsed the left-wing media’s preferred narrative and embraced the masked thugs of Antifa as heroes. Watching these pathetic cowards made me realize something very sad. We have to stop calling these people RINOS because the GOP no longer stands for anything. These pantywaists embody what it means to be a Republican these days. Those of us who still believe in individual freedom, personal responsibility, free markets, fiscal sanity and small, Constitutional government - WE ARE THE REPUBLICANS IN NAME ONLY!

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