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August 25, 2017

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   We have learned something in the last few weeks. The Leftist media has created a brand new monster that all of us are required to hate. Their former monsters include sexists, misogynists, xenophobes, bigots, Russian colluders, racists, etc., but now they have created the mother of all classifications - The Nazis. These days, you don't have to wear a Swastika on your clothing or goosestep when you walk or round up millions of Jews for extermination to be a Nazi. You don't even have to be a German Socialist. All you have to do is disagree with any Liberal agenda item and if you do, then you must be a Nazi. Anyone politically right of Maxine Waters is now a Nazi. If you don't hate the now-labelled Nazi for disagreeing with the ProgLeft agenda, BLM or Antifa or tearing down statues, then you're a Nazi, too. We've also learned, that if you hate Nazis for being bad, you're not allowed to hate anybody else who's also bad, because Nazis are so bad that you have to devote all your hating capacity to hating Nazis. So when President Trump comes out and says there's hate on both sides of a protest then he must be defending Nazis. Logical.
   The CommieMedia is pushing in a big way a very small band of hate-filled morons who call themselves white supremacists and neo-Nazis as proof that the Nazi scourge is indeed a reality in America today and must be hated. But they're not that impressive. The old Nazis invaded Poland and wouldn't leave. Today's Nazis invaded their mother's basements and won't leave. The actual Nazis rounded up and exterminated millions of people. Today's Nazis can't round up their rented RedBox videos to avoid a late fee. The Nazis had a plan for global domination that almost succeeded but today's Nazis choose paper over plastic because they can't afford toilet paper after buying their weed. But apparently, these 300 or so inbreds and malcontents are supposed to be a powerful peril to our republic? Give me a break.
   Now I'll grant you that these tool bags can be dangerous and one of them did kill a woman in Charlottesville, which is tragically sad. But he didn't get a medal from the Fuehrer, he's going to get a lethal injection. His despicable act finally fulfilled the Enemedia's long-standing dream of being able to report on a terrorist who wasn't a radical Muslim, a BLM fan or a Bernie supporter. The fact remains that this pathetic collection of Polo-wearing dumb asses numbering in the dozens is less of a threat to our society than the ridiculous attempt by the establishment and its media to use the supposed looming threat of the Third Reich to crush all opposition to their agenda.
  Speaking of Gestapo tactics, there was supposed to be a small free speech march in Boston last Saturday but George Soros bused in thousands of his miscreant army composed of Antifa, BLM and other assorted anarchists & commies, to shut it down. Unsurprisingly, these violent new darlings of the left responded by taunting police officers, harassing and assaulting rally attendees, and ultimately clashing with law enforcement - all in the name of "stamping out fascism." This was followed by a smaller repeat performance at a Trump rally in Phoenix Tuesday where these "Peace Activists" threw rocks, bottles, urine & feces at police and Trump supporters. The best shot of the night came when a violent alt-left rioter was hit in the family jewels by what appears to be a rubber bullet or gas canister after he kicked a tear gas can back at them. Keep your powder dry my friends. This is getting ugly.
   If there was one person who was not at all happy with Donald Trump's speech in Phoenix, it was Don Lemon. The CrapNN host suffered a total meltdown calling Trump "unhinged," "embarrassing," and questioned the president's fitness for office. He and his panelists haven't been this unhinged since probably, well, since last week. Trump has been giving rally speeches like this for two years. But suddenly it's Hitlerian? Suddenly it's proof that Donald Trump is mentally unstable? But who's surprised? Russia didn't work. And the "Trump is a White supremacist" card isn't working. So now CommieNN is going back to the "Trump is unstable" narrative
   I'm sure you all have heard about the snippet from Hillary Clinton's upcoming book "What Happened" where she gripes about Donald Trump standing behind her during the second debate. It made her uncomfortable, she said. Trump was invading her personal space. Initially, when I heard her talk about a "creep" with a reputation for groping women who made her "skin crawl," I thought she recalling her first date with Bill. Check out Mark Dice's hilarious clip showing this to be a lie - Trump stood by his podium while Hillary who walked over to his side of the stage. Hillary may be a vile, evil witch worthy of Perdition, but I think she's being honest with this claim. Her skin probably did crawl - being the lizard-woman we all know she is - she probably molted!
   In a story that sounds like it comes from the Onion, ESPN is pulling one of their college football commentators from an upcoming game because his name is Robert Lee and their viewers might be offended. Oh, and did I mention he's Asian? How long before they come for Sheila Jackson Lee? Finally, this was the week of the "historic eclipse." I'm sure it was spectacular if you were in it's path, but I couldn't see much from NY and found it hard to get excited about it. As far as I'm concerned, the moon's shadow is always somewhere but we just don't see it, in much the same way we don't see a random Chinaman taking his morning poo on the far side of the world. Both are unusual, hard-to-see sights unless you're in exactly the right place at just the right time. Even so, I wouldn't go out of my way to catch either one (nor would I observe either without protective eyewear). But apparently, our President would!

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