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September 08, 2017

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   AG Sessions announced Tuesday Obama's unconstitutional executive action creating the DACA program, "is being rescinded." Cue the faux Liberal outrage in 3,2,1... "He's cruel." "Why should children be held accountable for the actions of their parents?" "He's breaking up families." Spoiler alert: Laws are not about feelings, sob stories, or your ability to virtue signal from your house, (which probably has locks on the doors to prevent people from entering illegally). Besides, when you know the tricks DemoRats use, you become immune to their drama. The way the they are howling, you would think ICE had been given instructions to start kicking in doors and dragging these so-called "Dreamers" out of their homes - when nothing could be further from the truth. They know they're lying - and it has nothing to do with concern for illegals. Apart from wanting them legalized so they can vote, the Dems don't give a sh*t about them. DACA's end is just another opportunity for the them to cry wolf - or, better put, cry Fascist.
   It's actually the GOP who are upset by the cancellation of Obama's illegal amnesty. When Barry enacted his "temporary, stop-gap measure," Republicans in Congress were "outraged." Even Paul Ryan whined like a stuck pig about how unconstitutional DACA was. But that was all for show. They knew they couldn't stop Obama. Now that Trump's killing the unconstitutional "law" that was never a "law", the GOP - including Ryan - is demanding that he leave it alone. Because it  forces them to act on the so-called DREAM Act and go on record in their support for illegal aliens, (and keep using the term - it makes Libs apoplectic because it's the truth), over Americans. And that will screw them at the ballot box. I can't help but wonder if that's exactly why Trump gave Congress 6 months to act on DACA. Could it be that he hopes to expose them for the lying, conniving cowards that they are in plenty of time to primary these a-holes in 2018?

   Just when we thought President Trump had managed to get North Korea to back down on their threats of nuclear attack, the fat lump in the North announced that he has successfully tested a hydrogen bomb that can be used in long-range attacks. I'm not one to take anything Lil' Fat Kim says at face value, because it's likely just fear-mongering propaganda. That being said, the last thing we want to do is underestimate a kook with launch codes - especially when the missiles could have hydrogen bombs attached. If he can get off an EMP attack, we're done. Kaput. Finished. A threat which was well known throughout Obama's entire time in office, yet received no "shovel ready" funds for hardening our electrical grid. I can't remember the exact figures for protecting our entire system, but it's probably less than that jerk gave to Acorn or the car companies. Comrade Barry could have affordably protected our country from catastrophe, but he was too busy tearing America down. We don't know what Trump is going to do about this situation, but it's serious enough that NO option should be off the table. This looks like a job for The Mighty Trump Chicken.
   As I write this, a state of emergency has been declared and evacuations are underway in Florida ahead of the arrival of "historic" Cat 5 hurricane IRMA. While, (despite the Lib lies to the contrary), it is NOT "the most powerful Atlantic hurricane ever recorded", it is nonetheless an incredibly powerful and dangerous storm that has already caused massive devastation in the Caribbean. This is the part where I'd typically debunk the absurd claims about climate change causing hurricanes and joke about how Al Bore's pathetic Inconvenient Sequel is being outsold 50-1 by a book refuting his lies. But this is serious business. If it's not too late, I suggest anyone potentially in harm's way visit the FEMA Hurricane Preparedness and/or the National Hurricane Center websites for advice on how to be ready for such emergencies. Hurricane or no, we should all prepare ourselves for whatever natural disasters might befall us. With Irma, Jose & Katia on the way, let's pray for Florida. Head for high ground my friends - we need you for the midterms and for 2020!

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