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November 17, 2017

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   So what are we to think about this Roy Moore hot mess? While we should never underestimate the capacity for hypocrisy and sleaze of any politician, neither should we discount the ability of the DemoRAT smear machine &/or the DC swamp and GOPe to destroy anyone that stands in their way. While the accusations against Moore are certainly damning, the are still unproven - as opposed to what Clinton, Joe Biden, Ted Kennedy & Pervy Al Franken have been caught doing. The fact that nothing like this has surfaced after 40 years of public life and suddenly, a few weeks before the special election,  a 53-year-old woman steps out of oblivion to accuse him of having had some sort of sexual encounter with her 38 years ago, is certainly suspect. And having notorious FemiNazi Gloria Allred in the middle of it doesn't exactly lend credibility to the story. When it comes to the Enemedia, my default setting is doubt. We know far too much about how they operate to be suckered in to believing them. Their standard formula - a last minute scandal to derail a candidate you don't like - is being followed to a tee. This has all the earmarks of a coordinated, synchronized smear. And if it works, look for it to be the Dem/Media blueprint for 2018.
   I have no idea whether the stories about Roy Moore are true or not - Moore vehemently and categorically denies them - but I think he should continue his campaign and let the people of Alabama pass judgment. The Senate is too important to lose. If it goes, so do SCOTUS nominees, Circuit Judges, Tax Cuts, Immigration Reform and anything else Trump might try to do to MAGA. If the Republicans roosting up in Washington don't realize or care about this, I can only hope the ones in Alabama do. Check out Stefan Molyneux's video, What Pisses Me Off About F&%king Republicans
    In what just might be the joke of the year - GQ magazine named anti-American, mediocre ex-QB Colin KaeperDICK their "Citizen of the Year", saying he was just like Muhammad Ali - or something. In doing so, they overlooked Houston Oiler JJ Watt, who raised tons of money for hurricane Harvey victims. That's Libs for you. White guy raises 37 million to save people, Black guy shits on the flag, and disrespects veterans , military and country. Give the Black guy the award.   
   Speaking of virtue signalling, the geniuses at Mattel decided the aftermath of the NYC terrorist attack was the perfect time to introduce their newest politically correct toy, hijab-wearing, Jihad Barbie. Bullets and explosives sold separately. You can also buy a toy rental truck for additional fun. Which leaves me with many questions. When you pull her string, does she shout Death to Israel & Death to America?  Is this new doll genitally mutilated? And how about 4 year old "Baby Barbie" that comes in a wedding dress? Does Barbie now come in 72 versions? Is there a headless Ken in the works? Every girl should have one! Boys can have up to four as long as they treat them equally. Get yours today at your local GoatHumpers 'R' Us !!!

   It was only a matter of time before someone capitalized on the ever-growing Conga line of rapists, pedophiles and sexual harassers emanating from Hollyweird and the DC swamp these days. Check out Some Sort of Therapy Center, where these $hitbags can go to pretend their disgusting behavior is the result of an illness and lay low until the heat dies down.
   Did you see last week's  SNL political commercial parody of senior Democratic party leaders declaring "We're Back", after last week's election? Hilarious!
   Finally, Thanksgiving is upon us, so I'd like to wish you all the warmest of holidays filled with delicious family, food and friends. Don't forget to order your Stove Top Stuffing Thanksgiving Dinner Pants, complete with elastic waistbands to allow for massive overeating. And check out Prager U's What's the Truth About Thanksgiving? to arm yourself against the Zinn-style garbage that any SJW relatives might spew about your celebration.

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