"Do you want to know who you are? Don't ask. Act! Action will delineate and define you." -- Thomas Jefferson
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November 24, 2017

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   The Pornado winds blowing in from DC & the Enemedia reached F5 levels this week as further accusations surfaced against Al Frankengroper, multiple sexual harassment charges were made against "strong women's rights advocate", John Conyers, details came out about inappropriate touching and illicit behavior around women by creepy uncle Joe Biden, the inconvenient truth was revealed about how Al Gore's fruit was disgustingly let out out of the loom, NYT womens' rights pontificator Glen Thrush was suspended for alleged sexual misconduct, and  Charlie Rose was fired by CBS for charges of "unwanted sexual advances." Let's all savor the Democrats' Pervgate pain. Liberals have always been a bunch of lying posers pretending to be allies of women. To see the truth so gloriously revealed, and to watch their humiliating back-pedaling and equivocation, is wonderful. Sure, we have issues of our own - like dumba$$ Joe Barton who proved not everything is bigger in Texas and learned the hard way that it's never a good idea to send nude pictures of yourself to your girlfriend. But the Democrats have spent decades telling women how Republicans hate them and now, well, it appears the Democrats like women, just the wrong way. No wonder Leftist women think all men are predators. If you need a laugh, check out the Celebrity Perv Apology Generator.
   I don't know about you, but I spent a wonderful Football-less Thanksgiving with my incredible family yesterday. I hope you did the same. In spite of the Left's relentless war on the holiday and all it represents, I could not be more thankful for the many blessings in my life. The Left hates Thanksgiving because they're all about resentment. Choosing between gratitude and resentment is a fundamental personal and political choice. It defines how we respond to the challenges and blessings of life. And it shapes how we view our country. Thanksgiving is the tradition of an optimistic and humble people. That is who Americans are. The War on Thanksgiving is the campaign of a hostile leftist movement that is pessimistic and arrogant. Ruining Thanksgiving is its mission. And it isn't out to win an argument, but to ruin an America tradition. If we lose our ability to be thankful for the good things in our lives, we lose everything. We can win by refusing to let the left's resentment ruin Thanksgiving. We can win by remembering that Thanksgiving is not just an occasion, but a tradition whose attitudes give us strength and meaning. We can win by finding the power to live our lives better through gratitude rather than resentment.
   In that spirit, I'll end with a few stories to hopefully put a smile on your face. The classic scene from Austin Powers came true this week as a military pilots traced a giant phallus in the sky over a small town in WA. Those silly Navy Seamen! And check out this video as one of the greatest criminal minds of our time tries to break into a garage to commit burglary. Finally, with the holiday season officially upon us, here's a great Christmas/Chanukah - I mean Winter Solstace - gift for the triggered millennial snowflakes in your life - a portable safe space

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"Do not blame Caesar, blame the people of Rome who have so enthusiastically acclaimed and adored him and rejoiced in their loss of freedom and danced in his path and given him triumphal processions.

Blame the people who hail him when he speaks in the Forum of the "new wonderful good society" which shall now be Rome's, interpreted to mean "more money, more ease, more security, and more living fatly at the expense of the industrious".

- Marcus Tullius Cicero (106-43 BC)


"It does not take a majority to prevail - but an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men."

-- Samuel Adams

"Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children's children what it was once like in the United States where men were free."

-- Ronald Reagan

"The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism, but under the name of liberalism, they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program, until one day America will be a socialist nation without ever knowing how it happened".

-- Norman Thomas
Socialist Candidate for President of the United States 1944