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December 08, 2017

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  Journalists, Muslims, European leaders & other Antisemites are warning that Donald Trump's declaration that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel will end the peace process in the Middle East. The PLO threatened to unleash a decades long campaign of murder and terrorist warfare against the Jewish state - as opposed to their current decades long campaign of murder and terrorist warfare against the Jewish state. Other Arab leaders are also upset about the move saying it could cause their regimes to become oppressive, backward dictatorships where women have no rights and the general public is smothered under violent medieval religiosity while a small number of fat Sheiks reap the benefits of millions in petro dollars - instead of the sunshiny utopias they are today. All in all, experts, journalists and other knuckleheads agree, a President who would make good on his promise to declare Jerusalem the capital of Israel has lost touch with reality - which is that Jerusalem IS the capital of Israel. But you're not allowed to say so, or Muslims will kill you. Looks like the Shiite is about to hit the fan.
   Apparently the botox has finaly seeped into Pelosi's prefrontal cortex because according to the Wicked Witch of the West, the GOP tax plan isn't just "the worst bill in the History of Congress" - it is "Armageddon" that will cause thousands of  People To Die. Here on planet Earth, millions of Americans who were forced to purchase health insurance against their will were thrilled to learn that the Senate plan got rid of the liberty-killing Obamacare individual mandate, but in her Bizarro world, cutting taxes will kill you. If you read last week's rant, you know I'm none too happy about being personally screwed by this bill. But the louder the ProgLeft screams, the more hysterical they become, the more I think that this tax plan will be a benefit to the American people and our economy. And when you get right down to it, that's what upsets the Democrats most of all.
   After weeks of circling the wagons to protect their pervs, suddenly the DemoRATs have forced dottering old Conyers to resign, and Al Frankenstein to issue a non-apologizing, non-resigning, resignation. So why the sudden change of heart? Many have said this is nothing more than craven opportunism. That Dems had nothing to lose because both will certainly be replaced by other Libs. That this was all about taking back the moral high ground from which to attack Roy Moore & Trump. While that's most certainly true, I think there's more to it. My theory is that they're grooming Kamala Harris to reunite Obama's coalition of hipsters, minorities and women for 2020, and they know they'll have a hard time trotting out their old "GOP war on women" canard with that picture of Al grabbing a sleeping Leann Tweeden's bewbs floating around. The Dems couldn't care less about these slimeballs' abhorrent behavior - after all, they had no problem with Bubba's humidor escapades. It's just that the it benefits them politically to throw them under the bus right now.
  It was another banner week for the Enemedia as ABC News was forced to suspend "reporter" Brian Ross. Only this time it wasn't for boob grabbing, fanny patting, weeny waggling, or misuse of an under-the-desk "rape button," but rather for committing actual journalistic malfeasance. Last Friday, Ross broke the story that CANDIDATE Donald Trump had ordered Flynn to contact the Russians - no doubt for purposes of heinous collusion in the first degree. This caused a 350 point Stock market plunge and gave millions of mouth-foaming, anti-Trump weirdos a collective Muellergasm, thinking that The Donald was finally going down.  Except it was B.S. It was the Trump transition team that asked Flynn to reach out last December. The magic word here being "Transition." After all, it's super hard to "collude" with Russia to defeat Hillary Clinton after the election is over and you've already won. Unless of course Mike Flynn is in possession of a time machine. Got to hand it to Ross though. He certainly chose an interesting way to announce he was taking a month off.
   Tuesday is the special election for Jeff Session's Senate seat in AL. While Roy Moore is certainly no paragon of virtue, contrary to what you've heard non-stop on TV, the most serious accusations against him are pretty shaky. Now I'm not particularly comfortable with a 30 year old man dating teenage girls, but you have to ask yourself what's worse, that or a pro-abortion, anti-2nd Amendment, far Left Soros meat-puppet like Doug Jones? Events this week have shown pretty clearly why it's important to keep that seat crimson red. It's an added bonus that his election would be a kick in the gonads to McConnell and the rest of the GOPe.
   As winter descends upon us, we're entering "Honey-Do" season - time to tackle all those around the house projects we've been putting off. Watch how this industrious guy cleans out his garage. And check out this cute video, Jack Russell waiting on Santa. Finally, Tuesday is the first night of Chanukah. I want to wish all my celebrating friends a warm holiday filled with family, song, latke's and gelt. Click here to watch the full Rugrats Chanukah episode. It's guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

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