"Do you want to know who you are? Don't ask. Act! Action will delineate and define you." -- Thomas Jefferson
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December 15, 2017

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  It's been 3 days since Roy Moore lost Alabama's special election and I have yet to see of any his supporters protesting, staging cry-ins, or marching through the streets with stupid hats in the shape of genitalia. The forged Dem smear campaign worked, leaving a razor-thin margin in the Senate to pass the MAGA agenda. After campaigning against Moore for weeks the GOPe blamed Steve Bannon for the loss. Lord RATaxes, Peter King (POS-NY), went so far as to call him a "disheveled drunk." But instead of all this childish finger pointing, it's time to suck it up, accept the loss and figure out the best way forward. Conservatives don't scream helplessly at the sky because we're not impotent little snowflakes The bottom line is Alabama is a solid GOP state that just elected a Democrat because Moore was a terrible candidate. This wasn't the Dems scoring a win so much as it was the GOP fumbling the ball in the end zone. The good news is Jones didn't win a full six-year term, so if Alabama Republicans are smart, they're already laying out the groundwork to win that seat back in 2020. In the meantime, the forces of darkness may have won a battle, but the war rages on. Let's move ahead and plan our next attack.
   This week it was CrapNN's turn to pull "a Brian Ross", claiming Trump Jr. had received an email with inside info on the Wikileaks trove of Podesta's hacked emails, proving Russian collusion. Except it was complete B.S. The email in question was sent a day AFTER Wikileaks released the documents to the public. Nobody at CorruptNN saw this "smoking gun" email. Instead they relied on TWO unnamed sources from the House Intelligence Committee who told them it was dated 10 days prior - which begs the question: were these deliberate leaks from a counterintelligence sting operation? Either way, it was yet another "EXPLOSIVE" report that ended up sputtering out like a wet fart! But CrookedNN plans no discipline for the "journalist" involved because he followed their "Editorial Standards Process." Which is, if it hurts Trump, run with it. Here's a list of 7 so-called bombshell reports they got terribly wrong this year. Watch Sarah (the Sledgehammer) Sanders eviscerate CrankNN's whiny, fake news girl Jim Acosta for "purposely misleading the American public." She's my hero.
    There was another terrorist attack in NYC this week only this time, thankfully, the bumbling Jihadi scum did more damage to his own twig and nuts than to anyone else. Who's shocked to learn that the explosively-neutered animal that did this was here courtesy of the chain migration from third world, America-hating hell-holes policy, that Trump's been railing against? Anyone? Bueller? Of course, while this story was breaking, the Fake News Media had much more important things to cover, with MSLSD falsely claiming that Trump watches 8 hours of TV a day, and ClowNN's shocking report on The Donald's Diet Coke consumption. You just can't make this stuff up, folks. Check out this awesome New Yorker, calling out Comrade DeBlasio & Prince Anrew Cuomo, for their pathetic responses to the attack.
   New damning details have been surfacing all week about just how corrupt Obama's weaponized DOJ & FBI have been regarding Trump, the fake Russian dossier & the supposedly "unbiased" team Mueller has assembled for his election hacking witch hunt. Here are two MUST WATCH videos laying out the whole treasonous mess. Check out Rep. Jim Jordan asking key questions of Deputy AG Rosenstein during Congressional hearings this week. Then watch our favorite pitbull, Trey Gowdy, grill him about the clearly anti-Trump, biased FBI. The unelected, bureaucratic swamp has gotten so deep and fetid, we've reached banana republic status. Very scary.
   With Chanukah here and Christmas fast approaching, I can't leave you so full of doom and gloom. Instead, let's focus on the many presents Conservatives have received in 2017. If that didn't change your mood, here's a video of babies & puppies that can't help but put a smile on your face. I'll end with a tribute to our incredible military. Here's an awesome new Christmas poem...by a Marine. Finally, if you're as fed up with the National Felons League as I am, I hope you caught last Saturday's Army/Navy game. It was an exciting contest that came down to the last play, but the best parts were before the action began. As you might expect, there was no kneeling during this stirring rendition of the National Anthem. And check out this spectacular introduction to the game in which parents shared their thoughts, feelings, pride, and fears. As the father of Cadet running back, John Trainor declared, "It's the only game where everyone playing it is willing to die for everyone who's watching it."

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