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December 29, 2017

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   Another week, another freak out by the bubble-dwelling, Prius-driving, "progressive" nerds, this time in response to our Troll-In-Chief's mocking tweet about global warming in the face of the near-record cold and snow blasting much of the nation. Watching the warmsplainers twist themselves into pretzels blaming the cold weather on "Climate Change" has been so much fun, I hope they never realize that Trump keeps doing this just to mess with them. That he knows they will lose their collective minds, and that he and the folks around him are getting a good laugh. That his tweets cause the Credentialed #Resist Media to chase rabbits down holes while Trump goes off to MAGA. Just in case you have one of these climate cultists in your life, here's the latest AGW narrative fail, and this is one of the best videos on the subject, The Great Global Warming Hoax. You won't change any minds, but watching snowflake heads explode as you bombard them with facts will be all kinds of fun. You're welcome.
   As Christmas winds down, I trust you all had a wonderful time with your family and friends, celebrating the joys of the season. I hope you were spared the latest pathetic LibFacist efforts to make you as miserable as they are by tearing down history and tradition. According to these ungrateful bastards, even the light-hearted classic It's a Wonderful Life, is "inherently sexist." And Trump's efforts to bring back Christmas are apparently Nazis supporting White Nationalism. Who knew? And how 'bout, once and for all, we address the standard Libtard screed that always pops up this time of year, contorting the Christmas story into a justification for open borders. That Mary and Joseph were illegal aliens who had no home in Bethlehem and had to stay in a stable. Therefore, it's the "Christian" thing to welcome every freeloader and Jihadi fanatic into our country with open arms. Unsurprisingly, these noted biblical scholars get it completely backwards.
   You see, Joseph and Mary were not sneaking into Bethlehem illegally so that Joseph could become an olive-picker in the fields while Mary made beds in Bethlehem's one and only inn. They were complying with a Roman Big Government mandate to haul their fannies to their city of birth in order to be counted in a census. I'm sure some pencil-pushing hag named Loisius Lernerus was sitting in her office in Rome making sure that the Jews were super-inconvenienced by it. Everyone born in Bethlehem, including Joseph, and their families, had to make long, arduous the trip. Therefore, when they finally arrived, accommodations were limited, and Joseph had himself an enormously pregnant wife, so the only place they could find to stay protected from the elements was a stable. And the rest is history. You see, Joseph and Mary were not illegal aliens. They were complying with a government mandate. If you want to take something away from this story about the circumstances that brought them to the stable, it should be: Big Government: Inconveniencing Families for 2000 Years.
   The Enemedia's rabid obsession to attack anything Trump is becoming all kinds of hilarious. Look at this week alone. Newsweek and a bunch of other "news" outlets decided to paint Melania Trump as a Magnolia tree-killing maniac. Then there's the outrage over the fact that Ivanka wears clothes. And who could possibly forgive Jared Kushner for daring to take his son fishing? The latest affront is that CrapNN - who stalked Trump like a bunny-killing psycho - was kept from watching the president's every golf swing by a big white truck. Oh the horror! At this point, I think the only way we could get ClowNN off this dumb truck story is if we tell them there are Hezbollah drug runners released by Obama behind it. Yes Fake news is still alive and well. Unlike the fated magnolia.
   It's the end of the year, so here are a few of my favorite requisite "top.." lists. First the losers: Check out Mark Dice's Top 10 Celebrity Meltdowns. Here's Patriot Retort's 17 Things Leftists ruined in 2017. These were the top 10 most tiresome people. How about the top 10 anti-Trump Fake News stories. Without a doubt, the Loser of the Year award can only go to CrookedNN. Their descent from a once respected news organization to a joke, has been grand to watch. Nowadays people just kind of shrug when CrankNN says something. "Eh, it's just CNN." They have less credibility in news than Courtney Love. Now for the winners. Here is Crowder's top 5 political heroes of the year, augmented by the Best Nikki Haley beatdowns of 2017, and the top 5 Sarah Huckabee Sanders moments. Best for last, here's 11 of Trump's best Tweets of 2017.
   As the year draws to a close, with the economy starting to take off and Federal regulations at their lowest level in decades, 2017 is looking less like just a temporary bump in the road to the Californiaization of America, and more like the year the US got up off its knees. As the year we stopped following the world and started leading it again. Much as it surprises this hard core Cruz supporter to say it, one man is responsible for that.  President Trump is most definitely the 2017 Man of the Year. He promised to make America great again, and every day, it's happening. There's a new spirit of confidence in the air. Free people can solve more problems than any government agency. They can create more wealth than any government bureaucrat. Government doesn't make America great. Americans make it great. The Trump revolution has unleashed millions of Americans to renew our nation's greatness. To quote one of the best inspirational speeches of all time, "Let's Do It!"

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