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January 05, 2018

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   The inebriated, shivering masses watching the ball drop in near record cold in Times Square Monday were probably shocked to learn that they drowned because lower Manhattan was under water, as predicted by NASA's James Hansen and Al (climate) Whore. Spoiler Alert: There's still ice in the Arctic and the world hasn't burst into flames. In fact, these "climate experts" weren't just wrong - they were spectacularly wrong! Not only do we find ourselves at the moment trying to survive a "bomb cyclone" reminiscent of Luke Skywalker lost in the snowstorm on the Hoth Planet, but the Earth isn't warming, polar ice is growing and latest predictions are that we're heading into a another "Little Ice Age" due to very low Solar sunspot activity. Personally, I wish they were right. I just spent hours digging out of over a foot of snow in sub-zero wind chills. I could do with  little global warming right about now.
   There was a lot of criticism this week over the lack of media coverage of the up to a million people protesting the tyrannical regime in Iran. Maybe it's because they're not wearing crocheted vajayjays on their heads. Or perhaps they need to park a white truck in front of the protests or have an anonymous source leak how much Diet Coke the Ayatollah drinks before the Enemedia takes them seriously. One thing is certain, courageous Iranian women standing up to the tyranny of the Mullahs exposed the silent Pussy Hat Brigade as nothing more than a Marxist movement coopting "women's rights" to push their radical agenda. And while the President made it clear that unlike Barack Hussein, he supports their desperate fight for freedom, the Trump Deranged MSM peddled the Iranian regime's propaganda. The NYT practically blamed the protesters for their own deaths and arrests. But let's face it, these bastards don't give a crap about the Iranian people or the oppressive regime. It's Obama's mullah-loving ass and his pathetic legacy they're protecting, and they'll do anything they can to save it.
   Donald Trump uses Twitter like a laser-pointer, and Leftists, like high-strung cats can't help but chase after it. The Donald sent their hysteria-meter to Spinal Tap 11 this week over his tweeted response to Lil' Fat Kim's latest nuclear threat.  For the last 8 years when the NORK Pillsbury Dough Boy made his stupid schoolyard taunts, he could always count on Pajama Boy Barry to cower in the corner in fear. But there's a new sheriff in town, and much to the Left's horror, he hits back - and they can't handle it. To them, just like "Dumb Reagan" & "Cowboy Bush" before him, "Crazy Donald" is going to start WWIII. What these humorless twits don't realize is that a President who stands up to bullies like Kim Jong Un keeps us much safer than one who bows and scrapes and then hands over billions of dollars trying to buy the bully's favor. It's pussies like Obama who are really a danger to safety of the American citizens...and the world.
   If you wander over to CrapNN's website today, it's clear that all their panic about being on the brink of nuclear war has already been forgotten. Now all they seem to care about is Trump's feud with Bannon and a so-called "tell-all" book about the Trump campaign. Call me cynical. But if you can switch gears so quickly and completely, all the hysterics over Trump's nuclear button tweet was, well, bull$hit. How else do you explain the shift from "Dear God! Trump is going to kill us all!!!!" to "Ooooh! Look at all the tabloid dirt!!!" in less than 24 hours? It would be laughable if it wasn't so pathetic. ClowNN has become the Page Six of cable news. Real "journalists" report on the news. You know. Things like an uprising in Iran or the DOW going above 25,000 for the first time in history. But instead, CorruptNN alternates between hysterical tantrums over nothing and mean-girl gossip. Meanwhile, there is real news happening. Just don't expect to find it happening on CrankNN.
   The start of a new year brings the inevitible reviews of the one just concluded. For insight, wit and funny, I highly recommend Stilton Jarlsberg's 2017 the Year in Review Part I (Jan-June) and Part II (July-Dec). It's a hysterical stroll down memory lane of many of 2017's most bizarre events, laughs & 'toons. Finally here's an inspiring review from the man himself, Donald J. Trump.

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