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January 12, 2018

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   Hollyweird took a short break from raping each other Sunday night for yet another self-congratulatory, virtue-signaling festival that nobody watched - the Golden Globe Awards. But this time it was different. This time, all the women who knew that Harvey Weinstein was a sexual predator and continually covered up for him dressed in black to protest the fact that they covered up for Harvey Weinstein. Leave it to Hollywood to use literally getting caught with their pants down as an opportunity to lecture the rest of us not to be as loathsome as they are. The "highlight" of the evening was when Oprah Winfrey - one of Weinstein's chief enablers - gave a "brave" speech in which she likened modern-day victims of sexual abuse to a black woman raped by six white men in 1944 Alabama. This drew a standing ovation from the room full of fellow enablers & prompted the ProgMedia to call for Oprah for President. As Milo put it, "She spoke to a room full of women who were perpetrators masquerading as victims and she blessed them and absolved them. And now they can go forward in the world feeling like they fixed something." But Oprah's speech was anything but "brave." If she had the balls to admit that she, Meryl Streep & the whole industry knew all about the abhorrent behavior rampant in Hollywood but looked the other way in furtherance of their careers, that would have been brave. This was classic deflection  and was anything but heroic.
   Now that the "Russian collusion" fantasy is falling apart like a cheap sweater in the spin cycle & blowing back big time on the Dems, (and if you haven't been reading The Conservative Treehouse on the FBI / DOJ / DNC / FISA / FusionGPS / Russia treachery, you're missing perhaps the best source there is on what will turn out to be the worst scandal in US history - the weaponization of our nations's entire security apparatus against a political opponent), their latest ploy is to say that Trump is mentally unfit for office. They actually dug up some wackadoodle Yale psychiatry PROGfessor to declare that Trump is not only crazy, but he would cause "the extinction of the human species." Over the top, much? Master media manipulator Trump responded with his latest LibMedia-head-exploding Tweet, declaring himself to be a "very stable genius,"  and of course they took the bait. For days the EneMedia fell over themselves mocking Trump for saying he's a "stable genius." Over and over they kept saying the words Trump, stable. Trump, genius. Trump, stable, genius. See what he did there? Hysterical.
   In an unprecedented move, Trump allowed the press to broadcast Monday's bipartisan WH meeting on DACA & immigration, and I have to say I'm pretty conflicted about what we witnessed. Either Jeb! brainwashed Trump into supporting a "Bill of Love" that would be a complete sellout and a disaster for America, or it was a stroke of genius getting all the DemocRATS on camera fawning over illegal aliens and opposing policies the majority of Americans want: an end to chain migration and the Visa lottery, and building the wall. At this point it's unclear which way this will go, but so far Trump has rejected the Senate's total surrender DACA deal and seems to be backing a House bill containing most - if not all - of the immigration reforms he promised on the campaign trail. I think Trump needs to hear from us  - loudly but respectfully. He needs to know that we weren't kidding when we said "build the wall" and "America first," and he needs to stop channeling Jeb! Bush. It makes us nervous.
   Finally I'll leave you with the latest fun from the White House Ubertrollmeisters. Check out this hilarious mockery of how the #Resistance Media views the President during a briefing by Sarah Sanders. And The Donald has actually scheduled a Fake News Awards event for next Wednesday - don't miss it!

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