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January 19, 2018

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   Ever notice how every time there is good news about President Trump - anything that he does that could be perceived positively - there's always some sort of leak to try and damage him and change the narrative? With the stock market soaring, unemployment crashing, companies giving out millions of tax cut bonuses and Trump looking downright reasonable in last week's televised WH immigration meeting, you just knew the Progtards would come up with a real doozy this time - and they did not disappoint. Ladies and Germs, I present to you, the Great Sh!thole Controversy of 2018. According to documented liar D!ckhead Durbin, after presenting Trump with a garbage gang of 6 DACA/Immigration plan which the president rejected, a frustrated Trump allegedly said, "why do we want people from sh!thole countries?" This, of course sparked eye-popping, vein-bulging outrage from the LibMedia, especially CrapNN. Because the reference was to Haiti and various African nations, the President was immediately accused of blatant, foam-at-the-mouth, KKK-style racism. An accusation which filled the news cycles and distracted from the real question: why do we want people from sh*thole countries?
   Whether Trump did or didn't say it is irrelevant. It's not "racist" to call a sh*thole, a sh*thole. Notice nobody's denying these places stink. I don't see "Tears of Rage" Booker, Dingleberry Don Lemon or Anderson Pooper (sh*thole experts if ever there were any), booking their next vacations to Haiti, Libya or Somalia, do you? No, this whole sh*t show was nothing but a ruse by Slippery Dick Durbin to get Trump to surrender on immigration. "I say you're a racist. You say you're not a racist. And the only way I'll believe you're not is if you cave on my demands for DACA." Despite the histrionics, nobody in the the DemoRAT Party or Enemedia is really angry or upset over this. It's all an act. They know they're on the wrong side of the immigration debate the same way they're on the wrong side of the tax cuts, so they're panicking. And what do they do when they panic? They play the race card. "Trump called some countries 'sh!tholes!' He's a racist!" was the best they could come up with on such short notice. So let them howl. Let them feign outrage & clutch their pearls. At the end of the day, who gives a sh*t?
   On Saturday, palm trees swayed in tropical breezes, warm surf washed pristine beaches, and tourists in Hawaii wept, screamed, cowered in fear, and stuffed their children into storm drains because of an "oopsy" alert (delivered to phones, radio stations, and wailing sirens) saying the island paradise was about to be vaporized by incoming nuclear missiles. Theoretically, all of this was caused by one person "pushing the wrong button." Arguably the worst mistake made by a Hawaiian government official since Department of Health official Loretta Fuddy stated that she (and she alone) had looked at Obama's birth certificate and sent him a copy. Shortly after which, she became the only fatality in a plane crash. Oopsy. The responsible Hawaiian government employee was "temporarily reassigned," not fired. Only in LibTopia can can someone who caused mass panic by accidentally sending out a statewide warning that a ballistic missile was incoming keep their job, y
et if you accidently "misgender" someone or use the wrong pronouns, you would be immediately fired without debate.
   It was a momentous week for the Lapdog Media. First there was the flurry of juvenile, pathetic questions directed at Trump's physician who announced the president perfectly fit, both mentally and physically. Desperate to find something wrong with Trump they peppered his doctor with questions on whether he had dementia, Alzheimer's, Hepatitis C, heart disease, on his weight, his ice cream intake, whether he wears dentures and even if he was addicted to drugs. It was a ridiculous display leaving real questions as to the mental fitness of the WH Press corps. Next there was ClownNN's Jim Acosta who amped up his usual rudeness and grandstanding to the point where was literally shown the door by Trump  like the petulant little child he is. Finally we got Trump's brilliant  Fake News Awards. The itemized list of completely fabricated or error-infested news stories was a stark reminder of just how intentionally wrong the Libmedia has been since Trump was elected. Of course the WaPo called it a "huge flop" and it was - if you define "huge flop" as so many people going to see the list of winners that it crashed the web site and being the number one trending story on social media, then sure, it was a huge flop. This, my friends, is controlling the narrative.
   Today we'll see if the Senate will pass yet another stop-gap bill to fund the government or whether Schumer's minions will continue to choose illegal aliens over American citizens, and  shut down the government over DACA. President Trump is expecting a shutdown, saying, "The Democrats want to shut down the Government over Amnesty for all and Border Security." As for me, I'd be heartbroken if the government did less and a bunch of foreigners didn't get rewarded for ignoring our laws. To the extent that a shut-down hurts some of the government's few useful employees, like the military, I eagerly look forward to Chuck n' Nancy and the other circus freaks who make up the Democrat Capitol Crew explaining to the American people why they chose to make our men and women in uniform suffer so the Democrats can import some new ballot stuffers. Go ahead, Dems. Give it a try. There's no way Trump is going to humiliate you again. Sure, you tell yourselves that every time you go up against him, but hey, you gotta win sometime. You Dems are totally due.

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