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January 26, 2018

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   This week began with Senator UpChuck committing Schumercide - shutting down the government because Dems won't allow funding for pretty much anything that Americans want, need, and paid for because they prefer illegal aliens to actual citizens. The Enemedia covered it with their usual skill, aplomb, and lack of bias, reporting that it was an unimaginable, society-destroying catastrophe, that would lead to the end of all life on Earth. Special points go to CrapNN, (an alleged news network), for their claim that the "Government Shutdown Risks An Undetected Asteroid Strike." The effects of the shutdown were felt everywhere - from Washington D.C. all the way to - well, that was it, really - but they were devastating! For instance, without "reliable government sources," reporters were forced to pretend they had reliable sources while concocting their Fake News.  And many Federal workers were forced to stay home and do nothing instead of doing nothing in their offices as they normally do.
   If you blinked, you missed it because, faster than you could deport a "Dreamer," the 'Rats caved and the govt reopened. The game of Chicken ended with Schumer (RTRD-NY) veering out of the way to avoid getting mowed down by the Trump Train. It was a total disaster for the DemoRATS - they're not used to losing a game of Chicken to a Republican. But Trump isn't your typical GOP Gentleman Loser. He completely controlled the narrative, successfully labelling it the #SchumerShutdown and framing it as Democrats choosing illegal aliens over American citizens. And now, no matter what they do, the Dems are the Party of Illegals. Almost in spite of itself, the GOP has a winning issue here, assuming they don't revert to form and let the Squish Caucus weasel them into squandering it. Next November the GOP should to carpet bomb the Dems with ads asking voters to choose between the party that doubled their 401(k) and the one that wants to raise their taxes and closed down the govt to extort citizenship for illegal aliens. If you're a red state Dem senator up in 2018, you gotta be sweating.
   Things are heating up for the FBI chapter of the Hillary fan club. The "Shock" and outrage from GOP Congressmen who viewed the classified House Intel Committee report on the FBI/FISA abuses reached a crescendo demanding the memo to be released to the public. #ReleaseTheMemo gained so much momentum on Social Media that Adam Schiff-For-Brains had to try & defuse it by first saying Americans are too stupid to understand the memo, then claiming "it was Russian Bots" that were driving the hashtag, and finally announcing he'd release his own, "Well Oh, Yeah?" memo. Trust me. He knows how bad it is. Then there's the lost & found text messages. First it was reported that thousands of texts between anti-Trump FBI figures Strzok & Page during a crucial 5 month period had been wiped (like with a cloth?) Now it appears they've been miraculously recovered. Many think these texts likely contain damning information of conspiracy involving Obama & Clinton against Trump. Now we get this unsealed FISA Court Ruling that 85% of Obama's FBI & DOJ searches were illegal. All this subterfuge is starting to make House of Cards look like the minor leagues. I only hope Sessions & Co. have the stones to prosecute it.
  Yesterday President Trump boasted that he's willing to talk to Mueller, under oath, about Russian collusion, potential obstruction of justice, and the whereabouts of the kidnapped Lindberg baby. Not his best idea. Considering the mounting evidence that the whole Comey/Mueller/FBI/Russia circus was intended to frame Trump and throw him out of office, hopefully his lawyers will not allow it. Still, if he does go through with this, I have two suggestions. First, the President should remember that the words "to the best of my recollection" are his new best friends. And second, at the same session, put Mueller under oath too and let Trump ask him questions about why he chose anti-American conspiracists for his so-called investigative team.

   To mark Trump's first year in office, crazed womyn took to the streets in orifice again to protest whatever the hell was on their silly, deranged minds. Some were upset that because of Trump, a multitude of famous liberal men started sexually abusing women many years ago. Others screeched for cheaper, easier access to baby pureeing services, pay equity (even though they skip work whenever there's a chance to wear vagina masks in public), and handicapped parking stickers to use when they have PMS and are in no damn mood to search all over for a f*cking parking spot!!! I really paid no attention to these harpys until I saw President Trump's hilarious mocking tweet to them. How ironic that on the anniversary of being inaugurated President, Donald Trump was crowned the King of Twitter.
  Speaking of deranged females, apparently all Dem Congresswomen plan to wear black to Trump's SOTU Tuesday to "protest sexual harassment." Just like the actresses who stayed silent for decades over Harvey Weinstein think their display of empty symbolism at the Golden Globes somehow absolved them of their complicity, these Congresswomen think wearing black will also absolve them of theirs. But it won't. These women are actually in a position to expose sexual abuse and harassment within Congress. But instead of doing that, they deliver empty symbolism, thus proving Rush's point that "politics is showbiz for the ugly."

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