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February 09, 2018

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   Is it just me, or does the timing of the wild, stomach-churning chaos in the stock market over the past week seem awfully convenient for those anxious to distract Americans from the near-coups attempted by Democrats, intelligence agencies, and media outlets? Following the release of the Nunes memo, concerned citizens were just starting to dust off their pitchforks and fill up their tar-and-feather barrels, when suddenly the market dropped faster than Bill Clinton's pants. Did some highly-placed, highly-funded person or persons know exactly what and when to sell to send automatic trading computers into a cyber-stampede "flash crash?" Normally, we'd look at such a "rogue wave" financial event as being a fluke rather than a blatant manipulation. But now that we've gotten a look at the breadth and depth of the attempted manipulations during the last election, we're apt to be a little more suspicious than normal.
   Things are getting even uglier than usual in HilLIARy-land these days. With each passing day we get more evidence that it was the Clinton Campaign that colluded with the Russians, not Trump. That it was her flunky Blumenthal who fed the bogus Russian propaganda to Steele for the phony "dossier." That, as Mark Levin put it, she essentially 'paid for a warrant' to surveil Carter Page, and ultimately Trump. The Senate also released a report on their investigation into the Clinton email scandal, and it ain't pretty. Looks like they may be reopening that can of worms. Then Wednesday we got testimony from an FBI informant asserting that Moscow routed millions to the Clinton Foundation in connection with the Uranium One deal, which has also come under the microscope. As the noose tightens around Clinton's neck, my friend Jim over at the Independent Sentinel speculates that her bizarre tirade on Climate Change  the other day, was a ploy. That like Vincent ("the chin") Gigante, she purposely sounded nuts so she'd be able to plead insanity. But I don't think she's pulling a Gigante, nor are these merely the incoherent ramblings of a perennial loser. My theory is that after her "awesome" SNL appearance a couple of years ago and recently "killing it" at the Grammys, she's working on a standup comedy routine. Hillary-ous!
   Did you see where Adam Shiff-For-Brains got punked by a couple Russian comedians posing as Ukrainian politicians who were in possession of nude pictures of Donald Trump? Seriously, how the hell did someone as stupid as Adam Schiff ever get placed on any committee with the word "Intelligence" in its name? It's somewhat unnerving to discover that actually having intelligence is not a prerequisite for sitting on the Intelligence Committee, isn't it?
   You would think the Democrats would know by now that giving Nancy Pelosi a platform to talk endlessly is never a good idea, but they just keep doing it. Wednesday Pelosi set an official record by flapping her yap for over 8 hours (and 2 adult diapers) on the subject of why legal citizens should get nothing in the budget if illegal aliens aren't allowed - indeed, encouraged - to remain in our country. She actually thanked the illegal alien parents who "blessed" us with their illegal alien spawn! I have to say, nothing makes me happier than the Democrats' determination to move heaven and earth for these invaders. Especially when you consider that the majority of Americans side with Trump on immigration. It takes a special kind of stupid not to realize just how damaging Pelosi and her "Yay! Illegals!" speech are to the Democrat Party's prospects in November. Every single action the DemonRATS have taken over the last several months has damaged them. And what's particularly amusing is they seem completely unaware of it. As Kurt Schlichter so hilariously put it, With Enemies Like These, Donald Trump Doesn't Need Friends. So keep talking, Nancy.  Please. Keep talking.
   In the wake of the Eagles winning the Super Bowl Sunday, mobs of drunken fans rampaged through Philly's downtown in an orgy of looting and destruction - setting fire to anything that would burn. The sight that greeted locals in the morning was one of widespread devastation and surprise. "I hate to say it but in my opinion, this sh!thole is noticeably improved - too bad we couldn't win the Super Bowl every week," said one resident. Authorities credit the Super Bowl celebrations for Sunday night's crime statistics: 12 homicides, over 90 injured in countless assaults and robberies and dozens of rapes. Well below normal.
   Finally, for you fellow space geeks out there, did you see SpaceX's first test flight of their Falcon Heavy rocket Tuesday? Not only was it an almost flawless accomplishment that reopens the door to deep space missions, but they did it with all the nerdy-cool flair you could wish for. Watching Starman float through space in a cherry Tesla roadster while Bowie played in the background was awesome. Bravo.

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