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February 23, 2018

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   I'd really hoped to avoid the politicization of last week's horrific school shooting in Florida. But the LibMedia's incessant pimping of the traumatized survivors to push their gun-grabbing agenda and CNN's Lynch mob "town hall" leaves me no choice, so here goes. First, our Second Amendment rights are not up for debate. Period. We have a God-given right to self defense and if Obama's weaponization of the Federal government against his political opponents has taught us anything, it's that the tyranny our founding fathers sought to arm us against is upon us. Second, instead of wasting our energy arguing about ineffective gun control measures that make us feel like we're doing something, let's talk about steps we can take to actively save our childrens' lives.  And while we're at it, lets also focus on why we're raising cold blooded killers because we've always had guns, but kids in the past weren't shooting up schools like this. Perhaps we should discuss how the Lib PC culture silenced this maniac's classmates - who knew he was dangerous lunatic - from reporting him, why the armed cop on duty hid outside while the kids were being slaughtered or how the incompetence of the Fatal Bureau of Investigation & local law enforcement left him free to commit these heinous acts. But the ProgTards want to have a conversation about guns. So should those of us who love freedom. We have the facts. We have the law. We have the right. And we have a choice. Citizens bear arms and hold a veto over tyranny. Serfs obey their masters because they have no choice. Pick one.
   As if we needed any more proof that Mueller's investigation was an utter farce, last Friday DAG Rosenstein announced the pathetic indictment of 13 "Russian trolls," for allegedly interfering in the 2016 election by posting on social media accounts. The far bigger story was that the indictment clearly indicated there was no Trump-Russia collusion, which Rosenstein confirmed in his press conference, saying that no "American had any knowledge" of foreign involvement. The Enemedia responded to their obliterated "collusion" narrative by hysterically declaring the Russian "meddling" (notice the terminology change) was - I KID YOU NOT - a worse attack on the US than Pearl Harbor - which might come as a shock to the families of the 2400 servicemen who died there. So just how big and powerful was this diabolical Russian Facebook ad attack on America? According to FB, all in, the Russians spent about $46,000, most of it AFTER the election - as opposed to the $81 million spent by the Clinton and Trump campaigns. This means over 99.9% of the Facebook campaign ads were legit, making it pretty ridiculous for anyone with a brain ('nuf said) to think it had any effect on the election at all. The Progmedia should shut up about this nonsense & stop with the absurd Pearl Harbor comparisons. Although I will concede that any day which saw the graduation of one of these buffoons from journalism school should be considered a date which will live in infamy.
   Then there's their pivot to the latest bimbo trying to use an alleged ancient fling with the president to get some attention. The liberals once again got all aroused by the idea that this would do Trump in with his fans: Well, your so-called president got with a Playboy Playmate and also a porn star and also a Slovenian super model. Yeah, that'll totally take out Trump. We'll turn on him because he allegedly scored with too many hot women. Not! And this isn't hypocrisy on our part as compared to our feelings about Bill Clinton. Trump didn't spatter the Oval Office with DNA while screwing young interns. He didn't commit violent rape and then have his wife cover it up, lie about it under oath, or do anything on taxpayer-funded time. Now I don't know if the accusations are true, but it's really nobody's business except Donald and Melania Trump. If he's screwing around on her, then he's a cad and a scoundrel. If, on the other hand, he has her permission to enjoy occasional flings and does so with porn stars and Playboy centerfolds, we can only shake our heads and say "it must be fun to be a billionaire."
   Finally, over the years, there has been a lively debate over which is the best performance of the National Anthem of all time. We all have our favorites. Many think it's Whitney Houston's incredible version from 1991. Others say it was Jennifer Hudson's stellar performance at SuperBowl XLIII. My own personal favorite is this rocking version by Madison Rising. They're all terrific and a great case to be made for eachl of them. But whichever you like the most, there is no doubt that Fergy's pathetic caterwauling at this week's Basketball All Star game, was among the worst you'll ever hear. It was down right painful. She should have just taken a knee and spared us all the misery.

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