"Do you want to know who you are? Don't ask. Act! Action will delineate and define you." -- Thomas Jefferson
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March 02, 2018

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      So now we know that Sheriff Israel and his Broward Cowards did nothing after being warned dozens of times about a man who "could be a school shooter in the making." At least one deputy, and possibly three others, hid outside the school while the bastard was slaughtering 17 kids. And this bloody massacre wasn't only because of stunning incompetence at the Sheriff's Department. It was also the result of liberal insanity - a deliberate policy to end the so-called "School-To-Mass-Murder Pipeline" - working exactly as it was intended to. Every single government authority failed In Parkland. So what's a gun-grabber to do in the face of all this big govt. failure? Regurgitate a laughable talking point that this clusterfark debunked the "myth" that a good guy with a gun can stop a bad one, and make excuses for the gutless deputies. You have to wonder, what part of "Good Guy" don't they understand? If you define "good guy" as a chickensh!t coward who hides outside while kids are murdered, then sure. And I love how Democrats are coming out hard for cowardice. You can't dare criticize the FBI for failing to disarm yet another ticking time bomb and what kind of crazy nut would expect a police officer to actually confront a gunman? Talk about identifying and catering to your base.
  The progressives are cranking things up to 11 on the Stupid/Psycho Scale. We need to open our eyes and accept the bitter reality we face. We can't just pretend the truth is not the truth because we wish it were otherwise. The left's dropping of its mask has demonstrated once again the undeniable fact that the left hates you. They want you disarmed and disempowered. Not the nuts, not the criminals, not the terrorist, not the illegal aliens. You. Why? Because they hate you. They hate that you won't submit. They hate that you won't obey. And they hate that you refuse to give up your only means of protecting yourself and preserving your rights.  They hate you. And you need to act accordingly

   The worst rated Olympics ever have finally drawn to a close and, despite the American team wowing the world and making our enemies cower by winning gold for curling, I have no regrets about missing the whole thing. Political posturing aside, most of the activities strike me as being variations on a single pointless theme: doing the hardest thing possible on a slippery surface without falling down. So why not at least make events that people can really relate to, like having athletes race up iced apartment stairways while carrying grocery bags? Or seeing how fast they can use snow shovels to clear driveways? And why in the world is there no snowman-building competition?! No wonder television ratings stunk this year. Of course, there are other ways to make the Winter Olympics interesting. Like by holding them in the summer.
   President Trump ended the suspense that hadn't even developed yet by announcing that he'll be running for reelection in 2020. This sets a new official record of early declaration for the office, but fails to surpass the unofficial record which was set when baby Hillary spoke her first words. Trump has named a digital whiz to be his campaign manager and is currently assembling a team of creative writers to come up with catchy new hat slogans like "Keep America Trump Again" or "Eight is Great," as well as penning insulting schoolyard nicknames for potential opponents like "Oprah Lose-frey," "Braindead" Biden, and "Burned Out" Sanders.
   Moochelle Obama had an announcement of her own this week about a brand new book she's got coming out. Not much is known about it other than the title will be "Becoming", it is being called a "memoir" (which is French for "ghost-written) and will detail how Mooch became the woman she is today. I wonder if any of the chapters will involve hormone therapy or surgical procedures? Considering the grade school level of talent displayed in Michael's official portrait, I'm envisioning her memoir as having lots of pictures and few words over two syllables. An audiobook version will also be available, read by the former first lady, herself, and is expected to finally wring the last useful information out of Guantanamo detainees who are forced to listen to it. I plan to wait for the movie - and then skip it..
   Finally, Sunday sees the annual return of the biggest alleged event in entertainment: the Oscars, wherein the creme de la creme of Hollywood glitterati will be honored for their latest and greatest achievements in hastening the decline of Western civilization. Along with the awarding of golden statuettes which probably won't be used as sex toys, viewers can look forward to being scolded about the sin of seeing women as sexual objects by women whose actual sexual objects are bursting out of their designer gowns. There will also likely be more than a few stern words spoken condemning guns by thespians who make millions pretending to shoot dozens of blood-geysering people onscreen, then retreat to their mansions surrounded by heavily armed guards. 
As for me, I'd rather be on and episode of Naked and Afraid in the North Pole with Chris Christie than to be subjected to yet another CelebuTard circle jerk.

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