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March 16, 2018

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   The GOP's loss in PA-18's special election Tuesday is an unspinnable warning sign. Pending a possible recount, Democrat Conor Lamb has likely won by a razor-thin margin in a district Trump won by 20 points. The GOP should be VERY worried about November. That said, the win does pose kind of an identity crisis for the 'Rats. Lamb ran as a moderate - dare I say "Blue Dog" Democrat - who attacked Pelosi and went easy on Trump. He was pro-life, pro-gun and campaigned on the shared values of his district. Exactly the kind of candidate Pelosi & the DNC have spent the last 10 years purging from their party in favor of far-Left activists and radicals. If Lamb only won because he ran as a moderate, what's the Jackass Party to do? Reject their divisive identity politics and anti-Trump foolishness and run candidates who are in line with their constituents? Possible, but not likely. Then there's the Senate, where Dems are playing a ton of defense this cycle.  I'm not sure Republicans could have drawn up a friendlier map if they'd tried. There are at least 5 vulnerable Democrats in red states who are in serious trouble. We're gonna need all hands on deck in Nov if we're to keep the MAGA agenda going. Of course it doesn't help when the UniParty GOP "leadership" actively campaigns for the other side.  
   It's the end of the world, I tell ya! Trump's ouster of Sec of State Tillerson this week in favor of Mike Pompeo & replacing Gary Cohn with Larry Kudlow has the Dems and their Lapdog Media screaming CHAOS! It's a disaster of Biblical proportions. Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria! Morale is so low at the State Dept. that there are seasoned diplomats who sit in their car and cry. To which I say, Good! Keep these swamp creatures on their toes. Let the DC bureaucrats be looking over their shoulder worrying if the axe will fall. It's no small thing, to restore a republic after it has fallen into corruption.
   Wednesday was "National School Walkout Day" - a Soros/Bloomberg backed anti-gun "protest" under the guise of "showing support" for the 17 victims of the nightmarish FL HS shooting. Like the pathetic, "Women's March" before it, the whole thing was merely a charade in which these kids were pawns for the Transnational Progressive agenda. "Showing support" for the victims isn't exactly an act of radical courage - everyone mourns these innocent victims, including the President and every member of the NRA. And everyone would like to assure student safety. So the point of the walkout wasn't really to support anyone - but rather to flat out protest against the Constitution in general and the 2A in particular. An amendment which is not being constructively explained in the liberal schools. Maybe in the future schools should actually teach history instead of assuring that uneducated students will be doomed to repeat it.
   Just when we thought we were finally rid of her, Granny Clinton tumbled back into the news cycle this week, just as nasty as ever. Russia's favorite uranium saleswoman took her "Deplorable Road Show" to India where she launched yet another venomous tirade against the millions of hateful, misogynistic, racist Americans who didn't bow to her will and vote for her in 2016. This bitter, spiteful hag showed once again how much she hates us Normals, and the feeling is most definitely mutual. Proving that Karma is an even bigger b!tch than she is, however, while in India, an allegedly sober Hil-LIAR-y Clinton took roughly her millionth spill while trying to stumble down a simple flight of steps. We finally found a law Hillary isn't above. Gravity.

   Speaking of b!tches, Sen. Elizabeth "Princess Running Gag" Warren has again refused to take a DNA test to settle the issue of whether or not she has an iota of Native American blood in her increasingly visible veins. Although Faux-cahontas continues to treat her racial heritage as a mystery, she's being fairly transparent about her ambition to possibly run for the presidency. But considering her ludicrous claims of Native American ancestry, (Lie-a-watha's Indian heritage consists of the number of times her house was TeePee'd), she should probably have a reservation or two.
   At a rally Saturday, Pres. Trump slammed Maxine Waters (RTRD-CA), calling her a "low IQ individual." Reflexively, Waters and a chorus of Democrats called the remarks "racist." Now I realize that on occasion Trump says some pretty controversial things, but I think we can all agree that pointing out that Waters is stupid isn't one of them. There isn't anyone who hears Maxine howl and babble and says, "Now, that's one smart cookie!" The beautiful thing about Trump is he is an equal opportunity insulter. These silly accusations that it's racist to insult a gibbering nitwit like Maxine Waters slide off of him like he's Scotch-Guarded. What's really got these pearl-clutchers in a snit is they know that when Trump gives someone a nickname, it sticks. Low-Energy Jeb, Cryin' Chuck, Pocahontas, Rocket Man, etc., every nickname stays put. From now on this babbling, sputtering simpleton from CA will forever be known as Low-IQ Maxine. And foolishly yanking out the tattered old race card isn't going to change that.
   Finally, best wishes to all for St. Patrick's Day, and here's hoping that if a leprechaun does gift you with a pot of gold, the IRS never finds out about it!.

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