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March 30, 2018

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   Last weekend, thousands of indoctrinated liberal youths, organized & funded by the usual cast of gun-grabbers, descended upon Washington demanding more gun control. It was a scene made all the more ironic that their "March for Our Lives" was protected by hundreds of DC police & National Guardsmen with enough firepower to wage a small war. Remember the good old days when people used to march FOR their rights? These useful idiots are marching to have them taken away. A couple of worthwhile things did come of it, though. This time the Progs finally dropped their "common sense gun control" pretense and openly admitted they want to ban ALL guns. Former SCOTUS judge John Stevens even wrote a NYT Op-Ed calling for the repeal of the 2nd Amendment. Guess we bloodthirsty, tinfoil-hatted NRA members weren't so crazy after all for saying they want to strip us of our unalienable right to self-defense. We also got watch these ignorant, Leftist twerps get snared by their own hypocrisy when their dumbass school administrators decided that, (for their own safety, of course), all students must carry see-through backpacks. This deeply angered the Parkland brats, who complained that it violates their 1st Amendment rights! Gee, it must be REALLY frustrating when the law abiding are punished because of the actions of a criminal and are forced to give up rights and/or privileges for the illusion of safety, huh? If WE won't abandon the 2A, we don't care about dead kids, but woah, don't mess with THEIR backpack choices. This isn't North Korea.
   At least now they're not trying to hide it anymore. Gun control has never been about safety, only CONTROL. The Left hates us and want us disarmed because what they cannot abide is us Normals being proud and free. To disarm us would forever convert us from citizens to subjects. Liberals constantly sneer that we are "insecure about our masculinity" and "need guns to feel like men." Leaving aside the millions of gun-owning women out there who don't fit within that stupid paradigm, and the irony of leftist soy boys opining on manhood, as usual, liberals miss the point. We don't need guns to be men. We need guns to be free men. Our right to speak and worship freely, and our right to keep and bear arms were merely recognized by the Constitution. That paper did not grant them. The government did not grant them, and the government cannot take them away. Every American was endowed with those rights by his or her Creator, and as long as we have the will to defend our rights, no collection of creeps is ever going to take them away from us.

   There's a lot to hate about the $1.3T omnibus spending bill signed last week by Donald "Well, I didn't promise I'd veto it" Trump. The fact that Schumer and Pelosi are doing handsprings of joy over the new tsunami of spending tells you all you need to know. It doesn't fund the wall or take a plug nickel away from the butchers at Planned Parenthood, but not to worry, because Trump has put Congress on notice! He drew a line in the sand! That's right. Next Time they come up with a crap-pile like this, he won't sign it! Of course by then we'll be another trillion dollars in debt because he already signed this crap-pile. But Next Time they won't get away with it! Ah, The Old Next Time Strategy - we Conservatives know it well. I'm sure Nancy and Chuck are in a nervous sweat over that. Not! They're laughing all the way to the midterms. Hell, they don't even need to win the midterms. Chuck and Nan are already in charge of Congress.
   Still giddy from the 500 million taxpayer dollars heading their way from the Omnibust bill, Planned Parenthood has come up with an exciting new initiative to encourage young girls to embrace abortion. How? By trying to get a Disney Princess into their stirrups! "We need a Disney princess who's had an abortion," the ghouls happily tweeted. This puts a new and unwelcomely graphic spin on Snow White's song "Someday my prince will come," implying that he did, but didn't stick around afterwards to support the baby mama. Uh-oh! What should the knocked-up Princess do then, little girls? That's right - get an abortion! Hooray! At which time, PP will be singing "Hi-ho, hi-ho" as they don their mining helmets and crusty forceps...and rake in more millions of dollars for dumping Disney's dissected future audience members into garbage bags.
   We may have a winner in the "worst idea in the history of the universe" competition! Specifically, Barack Obama's announcement that he's actively looking into ways to create a million more Barack Obamas, using cyber-technology and social media to basically erase the minds and wills of a million young people and reprogram them in his image.  Presumably the indoctrination process would require the young Obamoids to be rejected by their birth parents in order to establish a good baseline of sociopathy, spending some time in Indonesia learning to love the sound of the Muslim call to prayer, having their grandparents stuff communism down their throats to ensure hatred of our country, smoking dope in sealed VW vans while ignoring anything remotely like actual school work and gathering university credentials without anyone ever seeing them in class. After that, all the million mixed-race minions will need is a political launch from the living room of a radical terrorist, and voila! A new master race of self-centered, America-hating assholes ready to do one million times the damage previously done by Obama himself! No wonder the left is in such a hurry to repeal the 2nd Amendment.

   Finally, tonight Passover begins and Sunday is Easter and April Fools Day. I want to wish all my friends lots of wine and matzoh, chocolate bunnies & peeps, and fun April 1st shennanigans as you celebrate the important things in life with your loved ones.

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-- Norman Thomas
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