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April 06, 2018

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   Seems like we're stuck on stupid the last few weeks. There was another high profile shooting which the CommieProgFacists immediately blamed on the NRA. Except this time the shooter was an Iranian, Muslim, liberal, vegan animal activist woman who used a pistol in a "gun-free zone" because she was mad at YouTube that her pathetic videos were supposedly demonitized. And it happened in a state with perhaps the strongest anti-gun laws in the nation, in the very sanctified heart of the Holy Temple of Libtardness, San Francisco, Commiefornia, to one of their greatest bastions & shining defenders of modern collectivist thinking, YouTube! So let's recap. White? Nope. Christian? Nope. Conservative? Nope. Male? Nope. "Assault rifle?" Nope. "Lax gun laws?" Nope. Obviously the answer is more gun CONTROL and to string up those evil right-wing NRA terrorists who are totally responsible. Got it!.
   In a move that made Progtards even more unhinged, (was there any room there?), Pres. Trump is sending the military to guard the Mexican border in response to a caravan of over 1000 Central Americans marching toward the U.S. As of this writing there are conflicting reports as to whether the convoy of Honduran would-be gate crashers has been halted or if they're still on their way. Whether it arrives or not though, sending the National Guard to the border is just theater - it changes nothing. Ostensibly, there's no way to turn interlopers away once they plonk themselves on the US border, demand a translator and spin some yarn about facing a "credible fear" back home. With all the catch-and-release loopholes in American immigration law, it remains illegal to defend the border by turning these trespassers away. Other than stare these brazen people down, what will the National Guard do? Change diapers, as they did during the 2014 rush on the border? A country without borders, Trump says repeatedly, is no country at all. The military can and must secure the border and build the wall. This is a matter of national security. Our soldiers have been deployed to defend many countries around the world. Now it's time for them to defend our own.
   Speaking of invaders, last Friday morning, urged on by Hamas, Palestinian Arabs swarmed the border between the Gaza Strip and Israel, attempting to breach the barrier and overrun Israeli soldiers. The protests turned violent as the Arabs heaved rocks and firebombs towards the border fence and sent tires engulfed in flames at Israeli soldiers. The IDF responded by targeting those instigating violence or attempting to breach the border wall. In total, seventeen Palestinian-Arabs were killed in confrontations with Israeli soldiers. Like clockwork, the Enemedia immediately blamed Israel, completely whitewashing Hamas from their headlines. Hamas's evil strategy of weaponizing civilians "is predicated on its certainty that the Western media and the left will act as its partner and ensure the success of its lethal propaganda stunt. So long as they rush to indict Israel for defending itself and its citizens against its terrorist foes, these attacks will continue and they will escalate." When Hamas talks about breaking through the Israeli security fence and ending Israel's "occupation," their objective is to take over Israel and erase the Jewish state from existence. Perhaps if more journalists take the time to understand this point, they can better recognize where morality exists in this terrible and unnecessary conflict. But don't hold your breath.
   Finally, in case you had any doubts of just how dangerous the Enemedia is and how diabolical their intentions, check out this video: This Is What Mind Control Looks Like.

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