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April 20, 2018

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   Disgraced former FBI director and serial-leaker James Comey started a tour to pimp his new tell-all book, "A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies and Leadership." The book is filled with the insights of a man so inept he couldn't find dirt on Hillary. Despite his insufferable sanctimony, Comey's book is nothing but revenge porn for the Resistance(LOL). "A Higher Loyalty" my a$$. It's laughable for Comey to cast himself in the role of honorable man of integrity while at the same time acting like a woman scorned eager to spill some dishy-dish. Comey is basically Stormy Daniels without the boobs. Not that he needs boobs - mostly because he is one. There is nothing morally superior about him. He's just another whore.
   DOJ Inspector General Horowitz released his scathing report on Asst. FBI Deputy Director McCabe, documenting the false testimony he made, under oath, that led to his firing. Ignored in all of this was the bombshell that a top Obama appointee ordered McCabe to "stand down" in the Clinton Foundation investigation. Horowitz indicated that there are multiple ongoing investigations, and the report on the primary OIG probe into the FBI and DOJ politicization will be released in May. Congressional lawmakers made a criminal referral to the DOJ on the aforementioned crap-weasels, as well as Clinton, Lynch, Strzok and Page for their involvement in the Steele dossier/FISA court debacle. While the noose appears to be tightening, it remains to be seen whether Jeff Sessions has the stones to see that justice is done in the biggest political scandal in US history. I'm not holding my breath.
   Cops were called to a Philadelphia Starbucks this week to remove 2 black men that refused to leave or buy anything, and immediately outraged Americans from coast to coast called for a boycott. In response to this atrocity, CEO Kevin Johnson crawled on his hands and knees, begging for forgiveness, and is closing 8000 locations for a day of training about "unconscious bias." What a rookie mistake. Once you start appeasing these bastards, they don't stop making demands until you are completely destroyed. If Johnson thinks that bowing to the self-righteous indignation of the Church of Social Justice will save him, he is sadly mistaken. These outrage junkies never take "I'm sorry" for an answer. In their quest to compel the rest of us to live by their rules, no apology will ever get you off the hook. Now, don't get me wrong. I don't pity Starbucks at all. They deserve all of this because they chose to ally themselves with the Outrage Culture. But in the spirit of good will, here's some advice for Johnson. Instead of closing 8000 stores for an entire day for "sensitivity training," put together a 5 minute conference call and tell all your employees: "Treat everyone the same. Now get back to work." You're welcome.

   Former first lady Barbara Bush passed away this week. Although she was wife to perhaps the biggest globalist establishment weenie ever and mother to the 2nd most profligate spender after Obummer and low-energy Jeb!, she herself exuded nothing but class, strength and dignity. She was a great first lady & no matter what I think of her husband & sons, I'll always be thankful that the current First Lady is NOT Bill Clinton! Rest In Peace, Mrs. Bush.
   While we're on the subject, it is with great sorrow that I report the sudden demise of Julia, Obama's shining example of a cradle-to-grave dependency on government handouts. Her sad, scripted, constantly monitored and financed life ended in tragedy this week as without a parent-like President to tell her what's good for her, she wandered aimlessly into the street and was run over.
   On the international front, Trump made good on his promise to hold Syria accountable for the chemical weapons attack last week. His tomahawk diplomacy completely destroyed the facilities at the heart of Assad's chemical weapons research and manufacture. As opposed to setting fake red lines and "leading from behind," it's strong signals like these that are driving the Norks to officially end their 64-year war with South Korea, and caused Lil Fat Kim to meet with Mike Pompeo in preparation for the upcoming talks with Trump aimed at denuclearizing the Korean penninsula. I'm extremely skeptical, but if Trump actually pulls that off, we might end up with a President who actually earned his Nobel Peace Prize!
   Looks like Parkland's Attention Hogg has "nabbed" a book deal. So the kid who accused the NRA and Republican politicians of making money off of dead students, is now going to make money off of dead students. If you're in any way shocked by this, you must be living under a rock. Of course some virtue-signaling publishing company is willing to give this little parasite a book deal. All one has to do in today's environment is oppose Donald Trump and advance the dying Leftist agenda and you too can have a book deal. To tell you the truth, what shocks me is Kathy Griffin never got one for her faux beheading of the President.
   Finally, this Sunday is Earth Day, the premiere annual Marxist campaign event for their quest to take over the world under the guise of "saving the planet." As our betters warn us, the time for skepticism about our growing environmental catastrophe has passed, (assuming that "skepticism" means asking for scientific data which is at least marginally plausible). Consensus science tells us that Mother Nature, ruffled and ravaged, deserves to be at the forefront of the #MeToo movement - and not just because of that night she can't quite remember with Bill Cosby. That is why it's so important to take part in your local Earth Day activities. Whether it's shutting off the electricity to your home or iron lung, not flushing the family toilet all day, eschewing burgers made from flatulent cows, or simply holding your breath to avoid exhaling poisonous carbon dioxide - every little bit helps.

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