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May 04, 2018

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   PM Netanyahu announced to the world Monday that Israel had carried out a stunning intelligence operation, smuggling "a half a ton" of documents out of Iran that show they have been "brazenly lying" about their secretive efforts to develop nuclear weapons and the missiles to deliver them. Turns out despite the "historic" deal to "close off Iran's pathway to a nuclear weapon," Iran's nuke program has been charging full steam ahead. What? Iran was lying about being in full compliance with the nuclear agreement so carefully crafted by Barack Obama? Who's shocked? Show of hands. I can't help but wonder who got played? Did Iran play Obama? Heaven knows he's an imbecile and could be so easily played. Or did  Obama play us, the American people? More likely Obama let himself be played because he was on the Mullahs' side all along. Experts believe Israel's discovery will be more than enough to prompt Trump to withdraw the U.S. from the giant crap falafel that is the Iranian nuclear deal - to the likely consternation of our European allies. Apparently, just like the rest of Obama's Etch-a-Sketch "legacy," the Iran Deal too will soon become a forgotten thing of the past. 
   This also week saw an historic peace summit between the North and South Korean leaders who declared an end the 65-year Korean War. In anticipation of the upcoming meeting with Trump,  Kim Jong Un vowed to close his country's nuclear test site and work toward the "complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula." He also appears ready to release 3 US hostages. Now maybe Lil Fat Kim won't denuclearize, but then again the roly-poly dictator seems to have come around to our way of thinking. Maybe it's the lingering awesomeness of Barack Obama that led him to acts of unprecedented good behavior. Maybe it's just that he's decided to be a nice guy. Or maybe it's because, under Trump, the US stopped acting like a simpering wuss. Trump's vision and his intent towards the Norks are absolutely clear - conform, or the United States will kill you and flatten your crappy little country. Fire up that seance to ask ISIS how defying a Mattis-powered U.S. military works out, Fat Boy. And the dictator appears to be conforming. Without a shot fired.
   To top it off, South Korea gave Trump credit for the peace talks and now there's talk of a Nobel Peace Prize. Could you imagine how the Left would react if he were to win it? Democrats would totally self destruct. It would be all kinds of hilarious. But let's be real. Even if peace is achieved, Trump would never get a Nobel. Ever. For decades now, the Nobel Peace Prize has been nothing more than an expression of failed European Progressive wet dreams. If anything, the fact that Trump has been successful at something generations of previous Progressive leaders have utterly failed at actually makes him less eligible for one. Regardless, I hope that Trump's meeting with Kim will be a complete success, and make the world a little safer.  I also hope that Trump will poke a finger into Kim's tummy to see if he laughs like the Pillsbury Dough Boy.
   There's isn't a more wretched hive of scum and elitist douchebaggery than the annual WH Correspondents Dinner. Last Saturday, while Trump, (who properly skipped the event), was telling Michigan rally goers that the Left truly hates us, so-called comedian Michelle Wolf was at the WHCD proving him right. She was vulgar and vicious and her personal attacks on Sarah Sanders' appearance were particularly egregious. To her credit, Sanders sat there and took it with class. Many called for Wolf to apologize, but I disagree. I think she did us a service exposing the hate in their hearts for all to see. Besides, I believe there should be no limits on comedy. Wolf's sin was that her performance stank. She wasn't funny. She was deliberately offensive in lieu of humor. She was unoriginal, and her abortion joke in particular was morally bereft. As the old saying goes, "There's nothing like a good joke! And that was nothing like a good joke!"
   The Left is losing what remains of their collective minds with Kanye West's refusal to back down after saying he likes Donald Trump. When asked to comment, Mad Maxine Waters said he was "talking out of turn" and essentially told him to sit down and shut up. The Left is acting as if the world is coming to an end - because their world could be. If Dems don't get 85% of the black vote, they never win national office again, and West has given black people permission to stray from the Democrat plantation. Personally, I think West is a talentless idiot, but concede that he is an enormously influential one. For that reason, the fact that he's retweeting quotes from the brilliant conservative Thomas Sowell gives a flicker of hope that a few minds may be opened. Kanye is a threat to the monopoly the Democrats hold on black Americans - and that cannot be allowed. Check out Bill Whittle's latest brilliant Firewall detailing the ludicrous effort to smear Kanye as an anti-black racist..
   Formerly Great Britain has provided several cautionary examples of what a world run by Democrats would look like this week. First, Alfie Evans, the 23-month-old British toddler whose grave illness drew international attention, died early on Saturday, after a UK court ordered him off life support, against his parents' (who had been prohibited from seeking treatment in Italy), wishes. Take a bow, socialized medicine. You've successfully murdered another child. Someone please check to see if the Nazis didn't, in fact, win WWII, because UK police issued an ominous warning that people would face harsh consequences if they dared speak out against this barbarism. After that, someone called Count Dankula was convicted of a crime and fined for saying words the elite disliked and yet another thought criminal was jailed for eight months for flipping off a traffic camera. That's what the government can do when it rules subjects instead of serving an armed citizenry. Think about that the next time some liberal scoffs about "death panels" and your crazy ideas about not giving up your guns so you can resist tyranny. Leftists want to know why I might need an AR-15? Because the government may one day be powerful and malevolent enough to decide it's in my child's best interest to starve to death.
   After 108 years, the "boy part" has been cut from the Boy Scouts of America program, and the members (so to speak) will only be referred to as genderless scouts. In a bold move designed to garner praise from the nation's progressives, the BSA finally admitted girls (and middle-aged men who identify as girls) into their ranks, but were discovered to be hopelessly bigoted upon the revelation that they are still excluding the 49,247 other genders that have been scientifically identified. The Scouts immediately drew heavy criticism for only allowing one additional gender to join their ranks while ignoring the tens of thousands of other genders who might wish to become a Scout. "How can they call themselves progressive when they still won't recognize even basic gender identities like toothpaste and Space Marine?" one progressive leader said in a Huffington Post article slamming the organization for its obvious traditional biases. The Scouts quickly apologized for their decision and attempted to make things right by introducing a barrage of new social justice-oriented merit badges, including a Woke Badge, a Marginalized Badge, and a Help, Help, I'm Being Repressed Badge. It's really sad to see yet another traditional bit of masculinity bite the dust. Especially since when it comes to "social justice," even when huge accommodations are made, someone will always want s'more.
   The White House expressed outrage over the release of a list of questions Mueller intends to ask President Trump. Included in the nearly four dozen questions published by the NYT on Monday were: Did you confer with any foreign power during your campaign? Does Melania sleep in the nude? Did you collude with Russia during the election? Who has the tighter body - Stormy Daniels or Melania? Have you ever been a Russian agent? Is it true that Melania often lounges in provocative negligees? You get the gist. The ONLY way Trump should testify is if he gets the Hillary treatment: no oath, no recordings, no transcripts, and his whole team sitting there with him. And, oh yeah, a letter of exoneration from Mueller before Trump shows up.
   Finally, tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo - a very, very important holiday which celebrates half-priced margaritas, pressing "1" for English, and the complete loss of entry level jobs for actual Americans. Drink up!

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