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May 11, 2018

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   Listen closely. Do you hear it? That whooshing sound is Barack Obama's legacy being flushed down history's toilet, and Odumbo is none too happy that Donald Trump is the one pulling the handle. In one bold stroke of his pen on Tuesday, Trump did just that by nuking the Iran deal. And while the EneMedia throws its usual tantrum about everything Trump does, all our Mid East allies are celebrating the destruction of Obummer/Kerry's efforts to buttress Iran's repressive Mullahs. Something about a regime yelling "Death to America" is kind of a clue that they didn't exactly have America's interests at heart when they entered into this non-binding, non-treaty. Well Barry, with President Trump pulling out of your cowardly Iran agreement, it looks like your only legacy left is allowing men to use women's bathrooms.
   Iran's forces in Syria used the US's withdrawal from the sham nuke deal as a pretext to fire dozens of rockets at Israeli positions in the Golan Heights, which proved to be an astoundingly bad idea as the IDF responded by wiping out "nearly all the Iranian infrastructure in Syria." With the impending 70th anniversary of Israeli Independence Day celebrations and the opening of the US embassy in Jerusalem this week, this tiny country that could is well prepared for an expected surge in violence from the forces of evil. Let's hope and pray that it doesn't escalate out of control.
   In case you were sleeping Thursday morning, an exclusive new CrapNN report revealed that President Trump kidnapped three people from the paradise of North Korea, forcing them to get on a plane and return to the United States against their wishes. A teary-eyed CorruptNN anchor broke the story, visibly enraged at the egregious act of international terrorism. CollapsedNN reporters discovered that the three visitors had been in North Korea enjoying a vacation for many months before Trump unilaterally decided to have them forcibly flown back to America, even aggressively accosting them when they landed. "This heartbreaking story shows just how low President Trump will go," the anchor said, his voice quavering. "How much longer will this country allow this madman to go on trampling the name of the US on the world stage? This is an unprecedented act, for a sitting president to personally kidnap perfectly happy visitors to the communist wonderland of North Korea." Sources at ClownNN confirmed that Trump will meet with Kim Jong Un in Singapore in June to discuss how to most efficiently destroy and enslave the world.
   The Senate Democrats' inquisition of Gina Haspel has begun, and someone should lodge a formal complaint with the Hague. Nobody should be subjected to the cruel and inhumane torture of listening to Kamala Harris give a lecture on morality. Listening to her would make terrorists beg to be waterboarded if for no other reason than the soaking wet towel over their head would muffle the sound of her sanctimonious twaddle. But the whole thing is a farce. The only reason for the Dems' self-righteous charade is that their so-called "Blue Wave" has been reduced to nothing more than a dribble, like a ribbon of drool seeping out of the side of Maxine Water's mouth. And these guys think that lighting their hair on fire and looking noble over so-called torture will have the same results for them in 2018 that it did in 2006. It won't. But don't tell Kamala that. She might stop talking. Sure, listening to her IS TORTURE. But the more she talks, the more Americans hate her. And the smaller that "Blue Wave" becomes.
   Who's surprised that NY's resigned-in-disgrace, now ex-Attorney General Eric Schneiderman had a fetish for beating and choking women? It's almost as if being a crook and a creep is a prerequisite for running as a Democrat in NY. And don't tell me that Schumer, Gillibrand, DeBlasio and Cuomo were totally blindsided by Schneiderman's proclivity for using women as an Everlast bag. If Donald Trump knew in 2013, then they knew too. Now, don't get me wrong. If Schneiderman was into rough stuff with consenting partners, I wouldn't give a hoot. What someone does in the privacy of his bedroom is none of my damn business. But that's not what Schneiderman did. Instead, he railed against powerful men who abuse women while being a powerful man who abuses women. Of course this virtue signaling, #Metoo championing, rabidly Anti-Trump Democrat is a serial woman beater. The hypocrisy of the everyday Democrat is always blatant, but to rise to the top of such a thoroughly vile group as the NY Democrat Party, one must be a truly sociopathic fraud

   Have you seen some of the things John McCain has been saying now that he's at death's door? Talk about bitter. Apparently McCain has penned his own version of "What Happened," and in it, he blames Sarah Palin for his humiliating defeat in 2008. I don't know about you, but the main reason anyone I know was excited about that campaign WAS Palin. I've never been a McCain fan - mostly because for 40 years he was the Senate's single most reliable vote for anything the Democrats were pushing. But you have to give him grudging style points for planning the guest list at his own funeral and letting the world know that his arch enemy Donald Trump is not invited. I'm sure his pal Barack Obama will be there to deliver a eulogy. How pathetic. McCain is such a bitter old man even when faced with his own mortality. He wasn't particularly well liked in the military community, either. As one veteran put it, "I for one detest extreme long lines since leaving the military, so I won't be pissing on his grave...till after the initial rush dies down.
   Finally, Sunday is the one Hallmark Holiday I believe in so I'd like to wish all you mothers out there a wonderful day filled with lots of love and happy family events. I'd especially like to say how much I appreciate 3 special ladies in my life: My indefatigable mom who once told me that "Mother is only half a word," my long-suffering wife and mother of my 2 amazing kids, and my incredible daughter and mother to my 2.5 wonderful grandchildren. You guys are what makes life worth living!

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