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May 25, 2018

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   This week the failed Deep State coup attempt dubbed "Crossfire Hurricane" was hit by a Trump Tsunami when he tweeted his demand, "that the Department of Justice look into whether or not the FBI/DOJ infiltrated or surveilled the Trump Campaign for Political Purposes - and if any such demands or requests were made by people within the Obama Administration!" As the week wore on, the louder Brennan and his fellow perpetrators of this illegal operation to spy on and undermine the presidential campaign of the opposing party shrieked and threatened, the clearer it became they know they're busted and they're panicking.  Watching the news media twist themselves into knots and getting caught in their own web of semantics defending them, has been the most hilarious thing ever.
   First they claimed, he wasn't a spy; he was merely an FBI informant who insinuated himself in the Trump campaign. Oh! Silly me! There's is a BIG difference between a "spy" and a person who is contracted by an intelligence agency to secretly infiltrate an organization, provide information, and manipulate outcomes. How could I be so foolish? But the prize for the most absurd rationalizing ever went to the Washington Post when they claimed: "If the FBI used an informant, it wasn't to go after Trump. It was to protect him." What a crock! Democracy may "die in darkness," but journalism is so dead at the WaPo that not even a necrophiliac would read it. The most cataclysmic political scandal in our history is about to explode, and the Washington Compost and the NY Slimes are rushing to explain it away as nothing. You just know the details of this scandal are going to be devastating not just to the Mueller 
witch hunt setup but also for the Obama Administration. It never ceases to amaze me just how willing these so-called "news outlets" are to nuke what's left of their credibility just to protect Obama's sorry a$$.
   The OIG report is due any day now and is expected to outline corrupt, unethical, and likely criminal behavior by the FBI and DOJ in the Hillary Clinton email investigation. Now that it's also apparent that the Obama administration spied on the Trump campaign, transition, and administration, Trump is staying on the offensive, changing the narrative from Russiagate to SpyGate and tweeting out the sordid details of "one of the biggest political scandals in history!" It's starting to look like the Dems can Kiss the Blue Wave goodbye. SpyGate flushed it down the toilet. Thanks to President Trump's remarkable ability to go over the heads of the Enemedia to the American people while simultaneously forcing the useful Mediots to make insane defenses, SpyGate has obliterated RussiaGate. The Democrats have no agenda apart from "get Trump." Now that we know the "get Trump" agenda included the previous administration illegally spying on a political opponent's campaign, their grand plan to win back Congress in November is falling apart. Which is exactly why President Trump continues to tweet about SpyGate on a daily basis.
   There was another horrific school shooting this week. As usual, instead of addressing the reasons why these atrocities are becoming more frequent and what might be done to harden our schools and protect our kids, the Left went on its reflexive anti-gun crusade. But this one was different than Parkland.  This one took place in the other America, rural Texas, where gun ownership is not an alien concept, and where the act of offering thoughts and prayers is not mocked. (Libs just hate that!) The ProgMedia found no students blaming guns for what happened. Instead it saw a devastated community coming together to try and heal their physical and spiritual wounds. Vigils were held without even mentioning guns, and no protests were planned in support of gun control. It didn't fit their narrative. So without kids to use as stooges to push their gun-grabbing agenda, after a few empty gestures like Faux-cahontas pledging not to accept any money from the NRA, (as if the NRA would ever send a dime to one of Lie-a-watha's campaigns), the locusts quickly moved on looking for greener pastures to devour.
   Looks like Trump's planned summit with Lil Fat Kim is a no go. In a sudden reversal from his recent positive steps of meeting with the South Koreans, the return of the American hostages and a supposed commitment to denuclearization, this week the Nork Doughboy reverted to saber rattling and refusing to denuclearize, so Trump bailed. Maybe the whole thing was a charade from the start, or maybe there's a still chance for progress in the future. My guess is after witnessing the pathetic Odumbo/Kerry Iranian "negotiations," Kim thought DJT would send him $150B in unmarked bills in the middle of the night to try to woo him back to the table. No dice fat Kim. Trump is not Barry. From the Art of the Deal: "Know when to walk away from the table." "Remember, the worst thing you can do in a negotiation is to appear desperate to make a deal." From the start Dems & NeverTrumpers assailed Trump's Nork efforts saying he would meet with KJU and give away the store just to get a few hostages freed and a nuke facility torn down. Well, guess what. The hostages are home, the nuke test site is dismantled & the meeting is cancelled. All that before 3am, Hillary.
   Used to be former Presidents simply faded into the sunset, as was the tradition set down by their predecessors. Leave it to the largest attention whore of recent history to buck that trend. Netflix announced Monday they had signed the Obamas to a multi-year, multi-million dollar deal to produce films and series for the online streaming service. Add Netflix to the long list of formerly enjoyable things that Liberalism has entirely ruined. While we contemplate cancelling our subscriptions, I'll leave you with some of the best suggestions I have seen so far for upcoming shows: I Now Pronounce You Mike and Barry. Mad About Jews. Hangin' with Mr. Ayers. Honey, I Shrunk the Middle Class. The Voting Dead. I Spy. Saving Private Servers. Better Call Saul Alinsky. So You Think You Can Keep Your Doctor. House of Race Cards. Orange is the New Barack. And my personal favorite, How I Met Your Mullah.
   Speaking of videos, in America today, there's a card far more valuable than anything offered by Visa or American Express. What is it? How can you get one? Candace Owens, Communications Director for TPUSA, has the answers.
   Finally, Monday is Memorial Day where we celebrate and remember the brave men and women of our armed forces who gave their last full measure so that pampered millionaire crybaby NFLers can have the freedom to disrespect them.

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