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June 01, 2018

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   Looks like Trump calling his bluff has Lil' Fat Kim's singing a different tune and the on-again, off-again North Korean summit may be on again. For now.
   The Trump administration has secured the release of another American hostage, 26-year-old Joshua Holt, a Utah native who had been held in a Venezuelan prison for two years without a trial. Tired of winning yet?
   There was more violence in Israel as peaceful Palestinian terrorists fired a peaceful mortar barrage at a Jewish kindergarten and attempted a peaceful murderous border breach, prompting the evil Israelis to respond with targeted strikes against the Islamic Jihad positions from which they originated.
   Speaking of the Religion of Pieces, a Muslim terrorist shouting 'ALLAHU AKBAR' went on a rampage in Belgium Tuesday, killing 2 police officers and a pedestrian before being introduced to his 72 virgins. Check out this eye-opening documentary, Killing Europe, which tells the truth about how bad things are getting over there.
   In case you missed it, Britain is Now a Genuine Police State. UK activist Tommy Robinson was arrested last Friday for reporting outside Muslim rape gang trials because he exposed things UK officials are desperate to cover up. Within six hours of his arrest, Robinson was handed a 13 month prison term and "dissappeared," and media outlets were banned from covering the incident by the court. Whatever you may think of Tommy Robinson, his arrest bodes ill for the future of Britain as a free society. Muslim rape gangs are wreaking havoc across the UK, and the authorities are far more concerned about silencing Robinson and other foes of jihad terror than they are about stopping the marauders. The land of the Magna Carta is officially dead.

   The long awaited IG report on the FBI's (mis)handling of the Clinton email investigation will be released any day now as Judiciary Chairman Grassley announced a hearing on it will be held next Tuesday, June 5. Buckle up, folks.
   The bipartisan Beltway establishment, A.K.A. "The Swamp" beclowned itself this week trying to push back against the SpyGate narrative. First up was James Clapper who conceded that while the FBI did run an informant ("spy" is such an icky word) at Trump campaign officials it was only to investigate Russia. Cross his heart, it had nothing to do with investigating Trump. Then Trump haters Flake and Little Marco Rubio did the Deep State's bidding, backing up Clapper's preposterous lies. But the award for the best performance by a swamp denizen went to Trey Gowdy who went on FOX and essentially said, "nothing to see here, folks. Move along." Gowdy's obfuscation and deliberate conflation of events in an effort to cover for the Deep State operation was stunning. But it's crap. The FBI WAS investigating Trump when it spied, and unless they went completely rogue, if the truth ever comes out we'll find that Obama and his puppet master Valerie Jarrett orchestrated the SpyGate operation.
   Which brings us to Roseanne. In response to a stupid joke about VJ being the offspring of The Muslim Brotherhood and Planet of the Apes, ABC immediately cancelled her mega successful TV series. Personally, I always thought her shows were dumb and she's an obnoxious moron. But the Always Barack Channel's reaction was so out of proportion to the so-called crime, it got my Spidey senses tingling. I think ABC hated the fact that Trump voters (who they despise) responded so favorably to the show and were looking desperately for a way to cancel it. And the faux outrage we are seeing in the media is WAY over the top. Ever since Roseanne tweeted, deleted and apologized for it, the Enemedia has been at DEFCON 1 screaming about her racist, (one-tweet) "tweet storm." Roseanne gave them an opportunity to attack Trump supporters and portray Jarrett - that vile, treasonous b!tch - as a sympathetic character, and they jumped on it. Don't buy it, it's all a distraction. It's cover fire. They're losing the fight on the SpyGate narrative and are frantic to shift America's focus. Ignore the noise. Keep your attention on the single biggest political scandal in US history.
   Just when we thought the Media and the Dems, (but I repeat myself), couldn't be more pathetic, they proved us wrong again as yet another attempted Trump smear hilariously blew up in their faces. This time, DemocRAT Social media had a field day with a photo showing that the heartless Trump administration is keeping migrant children penned in cages along the U.S.-Mexican border. There was only one problem. Although the picture and the story are real, they are both from 2014, i.e. this happened under the Obama administration. Oops. So close! These outraged progressives thought they finally had Trump buried but alas, these injustices were dealt under their God-king, one Barry "Bike Helmet" Obama. Cue the mass backtracking, which spoke volumes. The lefties could have been morally consistent and maintained their outrage over kiddos being housed like dogs in the pound. Instead, after realizing the actual perpetrator has a "D" after his name, they're willing to let this one slide. So much for the party of "principles."

   If you had difficulty buying your overpriced addictive drug of choice Tuesday, it was likely because 8000 Starbucks locations closed for the day in order to help their employees learn not to be KKK-loving bigots who have trouble differentiating between a latte and a lynching. Of course, the real purpose of the "bias training" was a very expensive bit of well publicized virtue signaling intended to showcase the idea that Starbucks is absolutely, positively, not racist when it comes to overcharging suckers for lousy coffee. Now that the baristas have been properly brainwashed, let's all to go to Starbucks wearing red MAGA hats, sit at a table and not buy anything, conduct bible studies and sign folks up for the NRA to see if the diversity training was worth it.
   Bill and Hi-LIAR-y attended a Memorial Day Parade Monday and despite the brutal heat, Gramma wore an oversized coat with her ubiquitous scarf. Either Shrillary has grown a hump or she's wearing something cumbersome she's trying desperately to hide. Oh sure, she could just be coquettish about the fact that her aging body is falling apart, but I can't help but wonder if something more sinister is going on. What if the foul, bitter, delusional, carpet-bagging former Senator from NY, twice-failed POTUS candidate and avaricious, pathological, serial liar and venal grifter is being rebuilt, piece by piece, to become a cyborg capable of being a shrill and annoying presence in future elections for the rest of eternity? Perhaps she's being assimilated into the Borg Collective and it's just a matter of time before she cackles "resistance is futile!" I'm not sure what to think, but if she turns up in the bell tower of a church in Chappaqua howling "Sanctuary" at the top of her lungs, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised.
   Finally, Monday was Memorial Day, when we remember those heroes who gave their lives that we might be free. If those brave men and women could speak, I'm sure they'd say the best way to honor them is to live a life worthy of their sacrifice, and the sacrifice of their families. It's not what you do one day out of the year that honors veterans, it's what you do the other 364 days. Here's a powerful article by Daniel Greenfield called The Warrior's Tale, describing the people and the ethos that is the foundation upon which society depends. And here's an awesome new song from veteran Dave Bray, (former lead singer of Madison Rising), paying tribute to our fallen and honoring their families: Freedom Rings (Blood of Heroes).

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