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June 08, 2018

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    The Trump Administration hit the 500 day mark this week. Boy, time sure flies when you're winning, doesn't it? While there have been some MAJOR missteps (Obamacare, Spending, etc.), the list of the things he has accomplished, is YUGE. The economic news was so good this week that even the shell-shocked NY Slimes had to admit, "We ran out of words to describe how good the jobs numbers are." Under Trump's policies, the US is once again ranked the most competitive global economy, and for the first time ever there are more job openings than unemployed people. Of course according to the Enemedia, Trump is enjoying a great economy because of Barack Obama, and Obama had a bad economy because of George W Bush. Whenever Obama's economy was bad, it was Bush's fault and whenever Trump's economy is good, it's to Obama's credit. Trump's Presidency is Obama's, that's why it's so good, but Obama's presidency was Bush's, that's why it was so bad. Got it? Me neither. But with all this good news and after California's primaries this week, the vaunted "Blue Wave" is looking more like low tide. That is as long as lame duck swamp rat Paul RINO doesn't march the GOP off the amnesty cliff.
   The left is raging over the 7-2 SCOTUS ruling that a Christian baker can't be forced to make a cake for a gay wedding, and despite Proggie claims to the contrary, this week's Masterpiece Cakeshop decision was not a "narrow" ruling. Instead, it was a ringing endorsement of the idea that sniveling leftist bureaucrats can't target religious folk just because they refuse to bend a knee to the secular idols du jour. This case was not about gay marriage. It was about the right to dissent, to think differently even if you or I or the liberal elite don't agree. Most of us, had we the confectionary artistic qualifications to get paid to design wedding cakes, would have gladly taken the money, not believing the situation to be morally compromising. But this Jack Phillips guy did, and that's the point. Rights don't exist to protect the majority because the majority doesn't need protecting. The law recognizes rights in order to protect good people whose views society largely does not share, like Jack Phillips, and also apply to loathsome dirtbag Nazis, creepy commies, KKK idiots, and Antifa morons. Rights exist to protect minorities, people who, statistically, you probably disagree with. The government can't target the religious because it hates them, and you can tell from the agonized howling of the liberals that they know this is a huge deal. 
   In a hilarious appearance on NBC's "Today Show" to tout a novel he allegedly co-wrote, Bill Clinton was unexpectedly grilled on how he views the Monica Lewinsky scandal in light of progressive America's sudden #MeatToo realization that sexually abusing young women and destroying their reputations might not be the good-natured fun the Left always assumed it to be. Slick Willy was clearly annoyed by the host's repeated questions, denied any real wrongdoing, repeatedly claimed he'd apologized to Lewinsky before admitting that he hasn't (and won't), and also whined that he "didn't get out free" because he left the White House with $16 million in legal bills. None of which, as I recall, were actually related to his playing hide the cigar with a girl 27 years his junior, but were rather a byproduct of his repeatedly lying under oath. It's understandable that Bubba doesn't want to give a face to face apology to Monica. After all, face-to-face was never a part of their relationship!
   The Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles were supposed to go to the White House Tuesday, but most of the team was planning on skipping it to embarrass Trump. The plan was obvious. Only a handful of players would turn up and the media would have a field day cheering the ones who stayed away to insult the President. But Trump threw it right back at them, tweeting: "The Philadelphia Eagles Football Team was invited to the White House. Unfortunately, only a small number of players decided to come, and we canceled the event. Staying in the Locker Room for the playing of our National Anthem is as disrespectful to our country as kneeling. Sorry!" The Eagles tried to slam Trump and he shoved it right back down their throats. Now the media is howling and the mayor of Philly is flapping his trap and attacking the President. But don't be fooled. The only reason they're so upset is because Trump beat them at their own game, and he deprived them of the opportunity to act like dicks.
   It isn't easy to suck all the fun out of America, but the SJWs are certainly giving it their best shot. First the NFL, then the Boy Scouts, and now the Miss America Organization has announced that they will no longer feature swimsuits or any consideration of physical beauty, and will instead choose a winner based on her talent and intellect. Because picking a winner who is fat & unattractive but plays piano like Beethoven and answers questions on geopolitical issues like Winston Churchill will be ratings gold, won't it? I can see it now. Theeeeere sheee iiiiiis... Ms. Fatslobbiaaaaaa! And I hear "Miss Congeniality" will be replaced by a "Miss Congenital Defect" award. Let's face it, this is nothing but feminist envy, hating what is unique, beautiful and special about women. Attractiveness is something the femiNazis can never achieve so they create some lofty BS notion of not 'demeaning' women and turn it into a bunch of ugly trolls who stand around yapping about how their appearance isn't important. (Don't we already have The View?) And who wants to watch big-busted bimbos calling for "whirled peas," anyway? As for me, I'm really excited to see the first SJW feminist Miss America. I only ever watched for the talent and the brilliant commentary anyway, (I also used to read Playboy for the articles). I've always been interested in the sociological, political and intellectual acumen of Miss America contestants. It was just that their answers were much more interesting when they were wearing bikinis.
   DOJ IG Horowitz announced he will release the highly anticipated report about how the FBI (mis)handled various aspects of the 2016 presidential election next Thursday, June 14, even as the forces of evil further infiltrate the Pravda Media in order to spin what they expect to be a devastating report. I can't wait..
   Wednesday was the 74th anniversary of D-Day, when we honor those incredible members of the Greatest Generation who served in Operation Overlord. I cannot imagine the courage those Rangers had climbing the cliffs at Pointe du Hoc. Wading ashore into a storm of machine gun fire. Thank you for saving Europe and the entire free world. Your sacrifice ushered in a time of unprecedented peace and prosperity. How sad that 7 decades later Western Civilization decided to throw it all away and commit suicide by inviting 7th century invaders in.
   Finally, the North Korea summit is set to take place this week & hopefully something positive will come from it. As Trump said, don't expect major announcements from one meeting, "it's going to be a process." One thing's for sure, if it does ultimately lead to de-nuclearization and Trump gets a Nobel Peace Prize, it will be because he is deserving - not just because he is half orange.

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